Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Controlling the narrative

Today we call it fake news. Before we called it Fox News.

I received an email inquiring about the death of Joe Scarborough's aide, Lori Klausutis. This person felt he had an affair with her, killed her, etc... I disagree with that as there is no evidence. None. I repeat none.

Scarborough is an ex-U.S. Congressman and current host of Morning Joe on MSNBC.

It got me to thinking so I went to Scarborough's Wikipedia page and lo and behold there is no mention of his dead aide. Nothing. There used to be but it has been removed.

Soooo, I decided to go to Gary Condit's Wikipedia page and lo and behold his dead intern was mentioned in the 2nd paragraph. Condit was splashed all over the papers at the time Scarborough's aide was found dead. Liberal media, my foot.

Click on the screen shots I took about 3:45 am for a larger view.

How did Scarborough escape even the slightest scrutiny? He controlled the narrative just like he does on his show. Just like he tried to do to me by sending me a cease and desist letter through his lawyer in 2006. It didn't work. I'm in good company, he sent Michael Moore one too.

Also, Lori's family did not want any media attention. None. They saw what Chandra Levy's family was going through at that time. And they were angry at Scarborough for putting out false reports that Lori was sickly. She was not.

The NWFlorida Daily News covered the story, the only paper to do so. Joe's hometown paper, the Pensacola News Journal wrote a blurb on it in section 2B three days after Scarborough's aides death. Channel 3 news did a couple of reports. The end.

Scarborough quit congress in May 2001. Lori Klausutis was found dead July 20, 2001.

This is such a Flori-duh story with a cast of characters beyond belief. Much more interesting than the Gary Condit tidbits.


  • The coroner who performed the autopsy previously lost his license in Missouri and since was found with over a 100 body parts in storage in 2011. Geez Louise.
  • Why did the police say there was no foul play involved less than 24 hours after her death. The woman had a huge gash on her head. How could they possibly determine that in such a short amount of time? They shut down the narrative.
  • Why did the security guard change his story? Or notice the open door at Joe's office?
  • Why is there no picture of Lori? None. Police always ask for a photo, to use in their investigation of the neighboring area, as do the press. My guess is the family wouldn't provide a photo. They wanted to shut down the narrative and I can't really blame them.
  • Why did Scarborough say Lori was sickly hours after her death?

There are many more characters attached to Joe Scarborough that have nothing to do with Lori Klausutis that have gone mostly unreported and are now missing or played down on his Wiki page.

Swamp Creature Example: In 1993 Scarborough wanted to defend a crazed Christian who murdered an abortion doctor. Scarborough was not a criminal lawyer, instead he helped Michael Griffin find a lawyer and gave him free advice. He got a 5 cross rating from the crazed Christian right. In 1994 another abortion doctor and his escort were gunned down in Joe's soon-to-be congressional district. He was sworn into congress the next year. Joe and the GOP House stopped Democrats from legislation that would've provided Federal armed protection for abortion clinics. Nice, huh?

So Joe rushes to the side of an abortion doctor murderer with ties to the KKK and everything Christian evil there is in America. Joe does not rush to the side of the families who had their loved ones gunned down. Liberal media, my ass.

Swamp creature waves his weapons.
Here's an Okey Dokey aside: both murderers were influenced by a local anti-abortion advocate, John Burt, part of the Christian militia in Joe's district, KKK, Operation Rescue etc... this creep ran a home for unwed mothers, and was later convicted of diddling one brave girl who spoke out. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison and died in 2013 in prison. Nice company Scarborough keeps on the Redneck Riviera. They are the real swamp creatures.

Fake News Example: Resumes don't matter anymore. In the 90s Joe started a free giveaway "newspaper" touting his position as a US Congressman at the time. His office was on Pensacola Bay in a high rent area. It was pure fake news. Columns written by unknown Bubbas about Hillary being a lesbian stuff, Janet Reno's lover, black helicopters, crazy letters to the editor, and an occasional real news story thrown in for good measure. There were weekly columns by Joe himself blaming Democrats for everything, especially the liberals. I remember being shocked at each new issue but it was designed well, I'll give him that. Damn, I wish I had copies. There are no copies online, nothing. Controlling his narrative continues.

Within a year after he started that rag, he moved his office inland to a low rent district.  I guessed the "newspaper" was not doing well. Soon he stopped being editor and hired a new one who changed the format from less fake political news to more entertainment and tourism news and the rag appeared more palatable. This editor went on to win a few unnamed awards according to Scarborough.

It was never a newspaper by the way, M$NBC. It was a fake news rag turned entertainment news. And you hired this charlatan with all this baggage? Of course you did.

It was very disturbing to see a cleaned up version of Scarborough's Wiki page today.

All I want is the truth or at least an accurate resume before it disappears and is replaced by more fake news about anyone, not only Scarborough.

But the fact of the matter is Scarborough, who is a suppressor of his own personal news and past publisher of fake news, is giving us the news on MSNBC.

When I look at Trump I see a man who slanders women and when I look at Scarborough I see a man who slandered his dead aide within hours of her death.

They are the swamp and we're their prey.


I saw this on Twitter from one of my favorite tweeters, This is what we are dealing with people. Trump and Scarborough have normalized racists and crazy right wing Christians that are locked and loaded. (click graphic for full size image)

Well, I ruined your visit to AHNC, you were expecting to laugh and I apologize for that.

The president-elect and fake news promoters are almost fully in charge now and I am desperately seeking sanity, forget about humor.

I told my son the other day to avoid discussing anything controversial in public, because you never know who's packing a gun.

Welcome to Murica.

This fella offers good protection from the swamp monsters.

Peace and love.


  1. Great read. It will be a race as to who Trump can try to keep the narrative controlled for.
    His supporters or the last of the investigative journalists?
    My guess the disappointment of the former (no jobs returned, no Mexicans deported, no Muslims banned, no gays shoved back into a closet) will help encourage the later (favorite treatment for his kids, his cabinet, Putin).
    And the harder you try to control a narrative.....sooner of later it becomes a coverup........
    Which is just more favored treatment for the the Trumps who were suppose to stop the 'elites'.
    Again a good read.

  2. Thank you Father, for I have sinned -- only Catholics will get that.
    Seriously, thanks for your cover up comments. It reminded me of Nixon which lead to his demise.
    In today's world that kinda stuff does not apply. It is no holds barred. Facts be damned.
    We're watching the opening of Pandora's box by tiny hands.