Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Abracadabra. AllHatNoCattle is 16 years old today

Sixteen years ago I bought the domain name because I wanted my Florida vote recounted. I was horrified it wasn't in such a close election.  I never dreamed that sixteen years later our voting rights would have been so greatly reduced due to gutting the Voting Rights Act and the constant Republican interference in making it more difficult to vote in state after state after state. No wonder they won.

I feel under siege since the CIA said the Russians hacked into the Democratic National Committee, and more.

And the icing on Trump's cake is convincing America that Putin is our friend by a bunch of his billionaire buddies.

I need to take my AHNC antidepressant pill on her 16th birthday. Thank you everyone for keeping me sane. 😘


Did Russia Spy on Donald Trump When He Visited Moscow?
With the Washington Post's bombshell report that the CIA has assessed the Russian hacking of Democratic targets was done as part of a Kremlin operation to help Donald Trump win the election, here's an intriguing question: has Russian intelligence spied on the president-elect and, if so, what private information has it collected on him? A counterintelligence veteran of a Western spy service in October told Mother Jones that he had uncovered information—and had sent it to the FBI...

I can only imagine how YUUUUUUGE the dossier on Trump is and is neatly packed away in Putin's pocket.

Let's request that the Electoral College be allowed to see Trump's tax returns before they vote. You cool with that, @realDonaldTrump? - Tea Pain

The World Is A Safer Place Without Trump

GOP 1984: "Moscow is an Evil Empire."
GOP 2016: "This borscht is delicious." - David Corn

Trump Praised This Murderous Puke 
President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines said that as mayor of Davao, he had patrolled the city's streets by motorcycle looking for suspected criminals to kill.

AHNC Putin Flashback from 2008

Pantsuit Nation made it easy to ask for an inquiry into Russian election interference. Text INVESTIGATE to 526-86, follow the instructions.

Republican Shenanigans

Nice that Kanye found another giant ass to be photographed with. - John Fugelsang

Does His Ego Know No Bounds? This Is Nuts.
President-elect Donald Trump polled his audience at a rally Tuesday night on whether Time magazine should change their annual recognition of “Person of the Year” to “Man of the Year.”

The appointments of Ben Carson and Rick Perry suggest that this is not so much a Cabinet it is as an adult daycare center.- Andy Borowitz


 Click here to meet C.W.


Rock The Voter News

Kremlin Names Trump Employee of the Month. - Andy Borowitz

Democrats and Republicans Agree: Russia Is Our Enemy

54 Electoral College members have asked for a intelligence briefing. The others passed because they've already seen Red Dawn.- Tea Pain

He knew this. He won't give it up
or his businesses or his tax returns.
Federal Authorities: Trump Must Sell DC Hotel
The President-elect has been warned by federal authorities that he will be in breach of a government lease if he does not revoke ownership of his Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. before Inauguration Day, Democratic lawmakers revealed Tuesday....If Trump refuses to do so, the letter states he would be given 30 days to address the issue, then be brought before a civilian tribunal that negotiates disputes involving federal agencies.


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Biz/Tech News

Trump team's answer to every question on conflicts of interest is:
"Who's going to stop us? The GOP Congress?! HA HA AHA HAHAH HA HAH HAH!" - LOLGOP

Wishful Thinking By Bill Gates
Billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates thinks Donald Trump has the chance to be like JFK during his presidency. Gates told CNBC Tuesday that he thinks Trump has the opportunity to establish “American leadership through innovation,” adding that ...

According to the 25th Amendment, if the President is incapacitated, the Vice President becomes the executive producer of “The Apprentice.”- Conan O'Brien


A toast to you, dear viewers for 16 wonderful years! I couldn't have done it without you.


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

This is me in 1997, 3 years after I got my first computer and 3 years before AHNC. And yes, that is a cigarette in my hand, a Virginia Slim Ultralight 100 to be exact. A friend on Facebook posted this photo she found last week.

Happy Birthday AHNC!


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