Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Crucifixion Of Hillary Is Complete

Many longtime Democratic viewers emailed me with more hatred against Hillary by kicking her when she was down. These still sore losers are blaming her and the DNC for Bernie not getting the nomination or the VP slot and Hillary is to blame for her loss because she is a corrupt liar. Blah blah blah. I am not reading or answering your emails anymore Hillary haters. You are not welcome at AHNC.

It is challenging enough producing AHNC solo but dealing with viewers who hate Hillary is exhausting and hurtful. I'd prefer posting my normal issue and not wasting my time.

The same thing happened to AHNC in 2008 when I supported Hillary over Obama. I was attacked viciously. But I never hesitated to support Obama when he won the nomination, and was disappointed he didn't name Hillary as VP but I sucked it up, Buttercups.

Hillary got "Ross Peroted." Which is ironic since her husband won the presidency because of Perot. If all the Democratic Stein and Johnson voters voted for Hillary she'd have won.

Speak into my necklace, Monica.
There is intense loyalty within the Democratic party for Hillary because we respect what she has done for this country and her party for many decades. Bernie never had that support from Democrats because they loved Hillary more. It was that simple. She's not perfect. Hell, I would have hit Bill over the head with a frying pan when he was caught cheating, through a sting operation by Ken Starr starring Linda Tripp secretly taping Monica Lewinsky. BTW Starr just resigned as president of Baylor because of his lack of investigating sexual assaults on campus. The irony!

My admiration for Hillary hits on a somewhat personal level also. For the past five years, in two countries, I have been accused in court, with dozens of false claims by my evil husband. I have won every court case in Costa Rica. But it financially and mentally devastated me. I have a little fight left in me now but as I watched Hillary fight the smear machine, she would inspire me beyond description.

The inspiration I receive from AHNC viewers is beyond description also. Well. most viewers.

Remember what I wrote yesterday?  That I hadn't cried yet -- well I just burst out crying. We as Democrats had the chance to keep this country moving forward and we were brought down by our own Democrat Hillary haters. And now we are at the doorstep of fascism.

Democrats need to move on. Hillary was right in her concession speech when she said we must keep fighting for what is right. Trump will be president and we must deal with him.

Bitches get things done.
But who will even begin to fill Hillary's shoes as a Democratic leader? Elizabeth Warren and Julia Louis-Dreyfus come to mind. Democrats need some pizazz! It sure worked for Trump.

The DNC needs some housecleaning for sure. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz got the deserved boot but her replacement Donna Brazile was caught funneling debate questions to Hillary and parted ways with CNN. I like Donna Brazile but the party deserves better than this. I am not one to encourage throwing the baby out with the bathwater at this point. Hopefully both Debbie and Donna can redeem themselves.

Michelle loves this outfit.
On one hand, I am comforted that Obama will be living in DC after his presidency , but on the other hand it will give the Trump Deportation Forces easy access to send Obama back to Kenya.

Hillary may want to become an expat so Trump won't LOCK HER UP as he promised. Or maybe she can lead the prosecution of Trump University?

Will Rogers said it well, back in the 1930s: "I'm not a member of an organized party, I'm a Democrat."

In a month and four days AHNC will be 16 years old and things have gotten considerably worse due to the media or lack thereof. That is why I created AHNC.

Hang in there, I will if you will.

WORD for the Day: hypocrisy
the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.

America leads the world in putting landlords w/reality shows in charge of fighting ISIS.- John Fugelsang


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I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I believe that this election was rigged by a several-decade process of making Americans dumber.- Andy Borowitz


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Imagine That. Female Voters In the USA Have Low Self Esteem Or Enjoy Pussy Grabbers
Despite sex assault allegations hounding him, fat-shaming a former beauty queen and his controversial abortion stand, a large number of women voters helped put Donald Trump in the White House.

Is It Too Late To Overturn The Election? I Don't Want To Learn Russian! NYET!
Russia said that it talked with the teams of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during the U.S. presidential election as part of routine outreach during a campaign.
Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said the Russian embassy in the U.S. held talks with the Trump camp that “were on a sufficient, responsible level.” Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for Trump, said in an e-mail that she was “not aware” of any meetings by campaign representatives with Russian diplomats.
Ryabkov said the talks were “part of routine everyday work.” There was also “sporadic” contact with the Clinton team, though it was “not always productive,” he said.

Mr. Trump: Want to unify Americans? Let your cabinet appointments reflect that. But Gingrich, Palin, Christie, Giuliani? These horrify many. - George Takei



Time To Deflate Photo
Our CYGNSS mission, a collection of eight low-cost, low-Earth orbiting microsatellite observatories, is designed to accurately measure ocean surface winds in the inner core of hurricanes because their signals are degraded in regions of heavy precipitation. NASA Photo.



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  2. Thank you for all your creative and prolific output on AHNC, which I visit frequently. Sorry to hear about all the abuse from the Hillary haters, guess that pretty much comes with the territory for popular blogs in this digital universe. I'd bet most of those trolls didn't even vote.

    From the pictures you post of your surroundings, though, at least you have some of most beautiful vistas on earth to help relieve the stress!

    I hope my modest contribution is helpful. As soon as America, and my job prospects, becomes great again, as promised by our new fearless leader, I may be able to contribute more, besides affording health care for my family. Keep it up and keep the faith baby!

  3. Thank you Greg. Thank you very much. Viewers such as yourself is why this website exists.
    I do try hard to make AHNC prolific. :) It's the loudmouth in me.
    Costa Rica was my bolt hole after the Supreme Court selected Bush in 2000. Now it is my home. Money goes a long way here and the scenery never fails to stun me.