Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I Have To Prepare For Hurricane Otto

I moved out of Florida in 2005 as I was tired of all the hurricanes.
I wonder why I have keys in my mouth?

In 2004 Hurricane Ivan did about 20K worth of damage to my home in Navarre. In 2005 I sold my home about a month before Katrina hit Florida then went on to devastate New Orleans.

Tomorrow, a hurricane is predicted to make landfall in Costa Rica for the first time in recorded history.

It is a category 1 Hurricane.

Yesterday was the most beautiful day. It was around 75° in the morning and not a cloud in the sky.

My "daughter" Yerlin came by to finish painting my porch. She was showing me videos of the flooding by Otto in Panama. Scary.

Flooding is always a worry. I lived in this neighborhood in 2012 and the road turns into a river during heavy rains.

My dog Luna is terrified of  rain.
I need to remove all the painting and garden supplies I have temporarily stored on my back porch. The windows and porch are covered with bars so here's hoping a projectile doesn't find its way through those bars!

I am sure the lights will go out. I do have a gas stove, so I will be able to cook and I have 6 five gallon containers of water. Lots of batteries and candles, too. I am in the process of freezing blocks of ice for my cooler.

No turkey for me this Thanksgiving. A frozen turkey costs about $70. YIKES! So a stuffed chicken will be just fine. :)

Amidst all this chaos, political and weather wise I am thankful for:

  • that my friend Yvonne is still with us
  • Yerlin, a remarkable Tica
  • that most Americans voted for Hillary
  • that my viewers are the best in the world

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Time To Deflate Photo

I'd rather be looking at this cloud in Sparks Lake, Oregon than feeder bands in Costa Rica.


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