Wednesday, November 9, 2016

History has been made

I feel your pain. Do I ever.

The media, the FBI and disgruntled Democrats elected Trump. And Lady Liberty got her pussy grabbed in the process.

Not only am I stunned but ashamed that a racist pussy grabber won the presidency. The lump in my throat will go away when I cry, but that hasn't happened, yet.

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At this writing, less than 90,000 votes separate Trump and Hillary. Jill Stein got over a million votes, so we can say those disgruntled Democrats handed Trump the presidency as Bernie Sanders warned would happen. Gary Johnson took a much larger share of voters than Stein so they get some of the blame too.

But first, I blame the media, who for decades, not only convinced these disgruntled Bernie Sanders Democrats but most of America that Hillary was evil. I blame the social media also, even their Twitter/Facebook posts were as crude and distorted as Trump trolls, in fact identical at times.  Fools you are, you all didn't listen to Bernie.

And James Comey must be relieved that he won't be prosecuted for interfering in an election. Instead he is busy building a case to lock up Hillary, right President-elect Trump?

And where is Putin in all of this? Probably sipping a vodka planning his new dacha in the Ukraine or in Texas overlooking the yuge wall.

Republicans retained control of the House and Senate. Ladies, get ready for vaginal probes and don't bother buying new shoes as you'll be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

The Canadian immigration website crashed.

I offer my apology to the world as we watch this inevitable train crash over the next four years because you know Trump is going to get in a nuclear twitter war.

And Democrats, get your act together.

Now to get your mind off the pussy grabber, a few photos from yesterday, to reassure you that I will be here to help through the pain over the next four years, gods willing.

This is Playa Brasilito, right in front of the restaurant, Don Brasilito, where we enjoyed lunch gazing at the ocean.

This is the restaurant. There is a confederate flag license plate hanging on the wall. Now I see it as an omen.

Here I was yesterday, under the illusion that Hillary was winning.

We decided to take the back "low tide" road to Flamingo. I wonder who did those wheelies. :)

My amigo said the low tide road to Playa Flamingo was just fine, I chickened out.

We made it to Playa Flamingo to visit our friend Yvonne and enjoyed the view from her front balcony.

Pura vida.


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    1. I'm breathing but still haven't cried.

  2. Lisa, please check out this article: It gave me a very different perspective and I felt a lot more hopeful after having read it.

  3. At the risk of revealing myself to be a sexist, dirty old man: Thanks for posting those pics of yourself on the beach. You are one fine-looking lady!!!