Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Truthers? Oh, Yes.

Hurricane Matthew truthers claim Obama administration officials are hiding data
Residents of Florida nervously awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Matthew might be surprised to learn that for conservative commentator Matt Drudge, the forecasts are yet another example of an Obama administration conspiracy.

Are Trump's investigators now in Haiti hunting down the crisis actors in this big Hurricane Matthew hoax? - Scott Wooledge

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

"This weekend, a person or persons spray-painted graffiti all over Donald Trump's new Washington, D.C., hotel. Police have narrowed their list of suspects down to '50 percent of the country.'" –Conan O'Brien

The Mexicans Are Coming! The Mexicans Are Coming!
The federal government is allowing illegal immigrants to flow into the U.S. so they can vote, Donald Trump alleged Friday, fueling his own argument that November's presidential election will be rigged against him.

"It's come out that Donald Trump once rented an office to an Iranian bank that was later accused of terrorism. Today, Trump said, 'How was I supposed to know that something wasn't right with Jihadi Joe's Savings and Loan?'" –Conan O'Brien

Republican Shenanigans

Trump resuming his race baiting on the Central Park 5 is a perfect way to thank his fans who claimed no one called him racist till 2015. - LOLGOP

"Now, nobody knows where this leak has come from, but some are suggesting that the source of the leak was Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples, who leaked the taxes as revenge. Even BeyoncĂ© was like, 'Now that is making lemonade.'" –James Corden

Ivana flashes the victory sign.

More Ex-Wife Trouble?
All three children have been active on the campaign trail and Ivana's comments clash with the image of Trump that his daughter Ivanka has projected.


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Trump's casinos went bankrupt & his charity was shut down for operating illegally. Let's put him in charge of the economy & the military! - Richard Hine

Rock The Voter News

North Carolina Loses NCAA Tournament
The NCAA has relocated its men's basketball regional tournament to Greenville, South Carolina, after withdrawing the event from Greensboro, North Carolina, because of that state's law restricting the rights of LGBT people.


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"A new report has found that despite his recent string of gaffes, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson has four times as many newspaper endorsements as Donald Trump. So if you've got weed, he's got papers." –Seth Meyers

Biz/Tech News

"It's rumored that Donald Trump's tax returns were leaked by one of Trump's ex-wives. In other words, it could be anybody." - Conan O'Brien

Privatizing Our Intelligence Community: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
In the six weeks since federal agents raided a suburban Maryland home and arrested Harold T. Martin III on suspicion of stealing classified information from the National Security Agency, another organization has quietly prepared to face the fallout: Booz Allen Hamilton, Mr. Martin’s employer.



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

I planted a seed for a white Chinese cucumber plant. It is growing like crazy out of a small pot on my back porch. Wish me luck!


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