Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trump refuses to support Paul Ryan, John McCain in upcoming Republican primaries

Trump refuses to support Paul Ryan, John McCain in upcoming Republican primaries
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is refusing to back House Speaker Paul D. Ryan in his upcoming primary election, saying in an interview Tuesday that he is “not quite there yet” in endorsing his party's top-ranking elected official.

“When that 3 A.M. call comes in, and Mr. Trump is busy on Twitter, Dr. Carson and Governor Palin will be there," Trump's spokesperson said. - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Military Service for Trump. - Andy Borowitz

More Benghazi Deaths
A suicide car bomb attack in the eastern city of Benghazi targeting Libyan troops killed 23 people and wounded dozens of others Tuesday, a hospital official said.

In fairness, Trump's children have all made the enormous sacrifice of having him as a father. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

Trump says Hillary's "weak" and "incompetent", then accuses her of riggin' an entire 50-state electoral system. - Tea Pain

Trump Calls Polls Phony
Trump fires back after Obama criticism cast doubt on general election polls that show him trailing Hillary Clinton, calling those polls "phony." 

BREAKING: Trump Has Only One Hundred Days to Alienate Remaining Voters. - Andy Borowitz


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If Trump doesn't want to compete with a crying baby, he should imagine how Hillary Clinton feels.- LOLGOP

Zika Funding Update
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday doled out $16 million in new grants to help local health officials keep track of birth defects caused by the Zika virus.
The Obama administration has now spent about $201 million out of the $374 million it repurposed in April to fight Zika — leaving about half of its funding still available.

Rock The Voter News

Can't think of a convention that was more successful in bringing out the best in its nominee and the worst in her opponent. - LOLGOP

Pope Francis Reaches Out To Women. 
Pope Francis has created a commission to study the historical role of female deacons in the Catholic Church, the Vatican's press office said.
The commission was initially promised by the Pope after a meeting with a group of nuns on May 12.

I have become a single-issue voter in 2016 and that issue is preventing the total destruction of human civilization.- Andy Borowitz


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Is Donald Crazy? Hell, Yeah!
Donald Trump’s recent ‘erratic behavior’ has medical professionals questioning his mental health.

Biz/Tech News

Isn't the real story that despite a terrible media that's trying to normalize a bigot, Trump is still losing? - LOLGOP

Trump Tells 'Mericans To Avoid Stocks And 401Ks!
Donald Trump suggested Tuesday that Americans should not place their retirement funds into the stock market, warning of “some very scary scenarios.”
In a phone interview with Fox Business, the GOP presidential nominee said that he isn’t a big investor in the stock market, and advised Americans to steer clear of the market as well when considering where to put their 401(k) funds.

A new study finds that Americans have on average become several inches shorter in the past 100 years. But scientists say it's mainly because we're all looking down at our phones.- Jimmy Fallon



      Please,  please,  the  bills  are  due.


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo
I was hungry when I built this page and saw this photo. Yum!


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