Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump Leaps Over Wall

Trump on Mexican trip: 'Who pays for the wall? We didn't discuss'
Republican nominee Donald Trump said Wednesday that he discussed the wall he wants to build along the southern border with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto -- but not which country would pay for it.

Obama Pays Mexico Five Billion Dollars to Keep Donald Trump. - Andy Borowitz
The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

“I have been assured by the government of Mexico that Donald J. Trump will be well taken care of and, if he proves to be a productive member of their society, will be provided a pathway to Mexican citizenship,” Obama said.- Andy Borowitz

What Happens In Israel, Stays In Israel
A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday threw out a $655.5 million verdict against the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization for damages suffered by American families from terrorist attacks in Israel.

Donald Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, spoke about Trump's new immigration policy over the weekend, and said he will ensure that enforcement is humane. Humane? I don't think it's a good sign when a candidate is talking about undocumented immigrants the same way KFC talks about chickens.- Seth Myers

Republican Shenanigans

A 25-year-old has scammed over $1 million from Trump supporters. It’s being called "the first time in years that the Trump name has actually made someone money."- Conan O'Brien

Yes, I have a fat head. Why do you ask?

Maine GOP Governor Vows Never To Speak To Press Again. 
Maine Gov. Paul LePage on Wednesday blamed a reporter in part for his fiery outburst to a state lawmaker last week and vowed never to speak with the press again.
LePage last Thursday left an obscenity-laced voicemail on Democratic state Rep. Drew Gattine’s phone after he was told by a reporter that Gattine had called the governor a racist. He ordered Gattine to “prove that I’m a racist” and warned “I am after you.”

Trump is somewhere on the spectrum between sweaty timeshare salesman and Dickens villain recruiting pickpockets. - LOLGOP


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Am I too late for a Matthew McConaughey “alt-right, alt-right, alt-right” tweet? - Conan O'Brien

Rock The Voter News

North Carolina Voters Have Restrictions Lifted
The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a bid by North Carolina to reinstate for this November’s elections several voting restrictions, including a requirement that people show identification at the polls.

If we're going to build a wall, the day Trump is in Mexico would seem the best day to do it. - Mrs. Betty Bowers


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Biz/Tech News

Apple next week is expected to unveil the iPhone 7. "How's the camera?" asked Anthony Weiner.- Seth Myers

Million Dollar+ Home Sales Fall
Sales of homes priced above $1 million fell 4 percent in July from a year ago, according to the National Association of Realtors. Activity is far more robust at the entry level and middle of the market, thanks to a drop in mortgage interest rates and pent-up demand.

It was reported this week that scientists from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence or SETI have detected a signal from a distant star, and they think it could be proof of alien life. Scientists say this could be the sign of a highly advanced alien civilization. While the aliens say, “We attack at dawn.”- James Corden

Trump has not donated to All Hat No Cattle.
How about you?


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

A young boar got stuck in a fence, and the whole family turned up to see him set free.


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