Friday, August 5, 2016

Donald really wants to build a metaphorical wall around the United States

Trump says refugees are ‘animals’ who pose a hidden threat
“Hillary Clinton wants to have them come in by the hundreds of thousands,” Trump warned Thursday, to a chorus of boos.

If you insiders to Trump talk him into dropping out I swear we comedians will never forgive you. - John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Look, by dodging the draft, Trump sacrificed all the medals he'd have won had he served in Vietnam, so brave and glorious he'd have been. - Tea Party Cat

ALERT: National Hurricane Center upgrades Hurricane Donald to Category 5, warns conservatives to seek higher ground. - Tea Party Cat

Republican Shenanigans

George Zimmerman is a hero to everyone who wants to legally kill the person kicking your ass in a fight you started. - John Fugelsang

Keeping Donald At Arm's Length
One of the many signs that Donald Trump is going to lose this election (possibly very badly) is that some of his biggest media supporters/enablers are already starting to either jump ship, or to dive for cover from the inevitable blowback from his defeat. The two best examples of this so far are Joe Scarborough and Sean Hannity.

The Funniest Tweets Imagining #DonaldTrumpTheMovie -

And just last month The Onion rejected my story on Donald Trump fighting a baby as “too far fetched, even for satire." - Tea Party Cat


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Rock The Voter News

Republicans are as mad at Obama for succeeding as we were at Bush for failing. - LOLGOP

Cursing Is Now Acceptable On CNN?
On Don Lemon's CNN Tonight, which has a knack for featuring explosive, passionate, sometimes out-of-control panels on touchy subjects like race, we got both an a-bomb and an s-bomb by actor Graham Beckel in the same segment. 


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Longest streak of total job growth on record, wages rising at fastest pace in 7 years. We've come a long way, America—let's keep it going. - President Obama Tweet

Biz/Tech News

Paul Ryan: "Even though Trump won't endorse me, I endorse him. His dictatorship and nuclear war won't be so bad if the rich get tax cuts."- Tea Party Cat

Costa Rica Taxi Drivers Against Uber
Taxi drivers across the country will stage a national protest next Tuesday, Aug. 9 against what they said is a lack of action from the government to stop the ride-hailing service Uber, which they say is illegal. They plan to block major roads and highways at strategic points, including in front of Juan Santamaría International Airport and at major intersections in San José

Forget the T-shirt or beer guy, the most popular Rio Olympic vendor will be the dude who sells OFF! mosquito repellent. - Erik Bransteen


Pretty Please With Sugar on Top.


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Stunning Bled, Slovenia. Is that Melania's home? Photo by @Ilhan1077


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