Wednesday, July 13, 2016

When the drugs kick in...

Former President George W. Bush baffles internet with swaying, dancing at Dallas memorial
At Tuesday's memorial for the five officers killed last week in an ambush attack in downtown Dallas, President Barack Obama was joined on stage by the first lady, vice president and his wife, former first lady Laura Bush, and a dancing former president

That look on Mrs. Obama's face is priceless, as though she is saying, what. are. you. doing? Dubya is still an embarrassment. 

Today will be a short short edition. I'm feeling under the weather. :(

Imagine your future career prospects being so bleak that you'd consider becoming Trump's running mate. - side-eye spice tweet


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*removes glasses and turns to the jury*
Ladies and gentlemen, how is it even possible to defame Donald Trump? - LOLGOP

Trump Trumps Up $10 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Ex- Staffer. Ex-Staffer Counter Sues
Former Donald Trump campaign staffer Sam Nunberg has filed sensational legal papers against the presidential hopeful’s campaign, alleging he was wrongly accused of leaking a story to Page Six about a “lovers’ quarrel” between the mogul’s publicist and campaign manager.
Nunberg, who worked as a strategic adviser for Trump but was fired last year, claims in the papers that, because he then endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz, the Trump campaign is “attempting to bring a frivolous and retaliatory arbitration proceeding against me essentially to punish me and shut me up.”

Can't wait until Trump sues America for voting against him. - LOLGOP


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Trump v Ginsberg
Republican Donald Trump thrust the U.S. Supreme Court into the presidential campaign debate on Wednesday, rallying conservatives with a call for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to resign after she lambasted him in a series of media interviews.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg should pick on someone her own IQ. - Andy Borowitz



Time To Deflate Photo

A lightning strike dockside. Yikes!


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