Monday, May 16, 2016

Trump has a problem with making friends

Donald Trump: London mayor made 'very rude statements' about me
Donald Trump said Monday London's new mayor made "very rude statements" about him -- and the presumptive Republican presidential nominee warned he won't have a good relationship with British Prime Minister David Cameron if he's elected.

After 7 1/2 years pretendin' Obama's a dictator, Republicans finally decided it was time to get a real one and show liberals how it's done. - Tea Pain

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

And The Award For The Least Productive Political Investigation Ever Goes To Trey Gowdy!
 Shortly before the House Benghazi committee ramped up its battles with the Department of Defense in its probe of the 2012 terrorist attack, the committee’s own top lawyer admitted at least four times in interviews with military officials that there was no more they could have done on that tragic night.

RNC Chairman says no one cares if Donald Trump mistreats women, unless he does it a bathroom in North Carolina, then it would be really bad. - The Daily Edge

Republican Shenanigans

Trump Challenges London Mayor To IQ Test
Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Donald Trump has challenged the new London mayor to an IQ test after Sadiq Khan said he was ignorant.
Mr Khan reacted to Mr Trump's latest comments, saying his views on Islam were ignorant.

A skeptic will question claims, then embrace the evidence. A denier will question claims, then reject the evidence. - Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist


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Rock The Voter News

Some people say they would only vote for Hillary if she were running against the worst person in the world. Obviously this is good news for her. - Andy Borowitz

Meghan McCain Prefers Tuna Over Hillary
Fox News contributor Meghan McCain on Monday called on conservatives to stop trying to defeat Donald Trump for president, arguing that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was “truly evil.”


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Look, Trump's policy on the minimum wage has been very consistent-- he will raise AND get rid of the minimum wage AND let the States decide.- Tea Party Cat

Something is seriously wrong with America. Trump is not the answer: He is the result. - Mrs. Betty Bowers

Biz/Tech News

Next on CNN: 3 hours live coverage of Trump’s podium, an hour of his speech, 2 hours discussing it, and later how the media enables Trump. - Tea Party Cat

Perfect Example Why Unions Are Important: Employers Makes You Wear Diapers
The United States isn't exactly a hotbed of trade unionism and worker power. But presumably, most people can take for granted access to the bathroom while on the job. Not so for people who staff the nation's chicken slaughterhouses, according to a scathing new report from Oxfam America.

The New York Post reports that more people check their Facebook feed than read the Bible each week. Which explains that new commandment: Thou shalt not ‘like’ a bikini pic of thy neighbor’s wife.- Jimmy Fallon



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Oh No, Mr. Bill! The man in the moon looks like Mr. Bill of SNL fame, to me. This photo was taken by one of AHNC's favorite viewers, who wishes to remain anonymous.


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