Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy April Fool's Day!


Google causing people to lose their jobs as Gmail April Fools’ day joke backfires
April Fools’ Day jokes are notoriously difficult to pull off, a fact Google has found to be true after it removed its Gmail prank just hours after it was made public as users expressed anger and outrage at the “Mic Drop” joke.

What April Fools Day prank could you possibly pull of that is going to be better than Donald Trump: Republican Front-Runner, anyway? - Will McAvoy

NOTICE: Short edition today due to difficulties beyond my control. The Internet.

Trump has turned around numbers with women like this before. It just involved alimony. - LOLGOP

Make America Great At Racism Is Catching On!
A Republican Senate candidate is being criticized for saying that Vietnamese refugees who came to Oregon “harvested” people’s pets for food.

"Trump's explanation for keeping Lewandowski on staff is that he's a loyal person. And Trump IS a loyal person. Just ask any of his three wives." –James Corden

"Conservative pundit Glenn Beck said Friday that Ted Cruz was 'anointed' by God to become president. To which God replied, 'No, no, no, I said he was 'annoying.'" –Seth Meyers

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I keep thinking, "Republicans would never be dumb enough to overrule voters & steal an election." Then I remember... 



Rock The Voter News

Trump Being Sued For Inciting Violence
Three people claiming they were attacked or faced racial slurs at a Donald Trump rally are suing the businessman and his presidential campaign.
The lawsuit was filed Thursday on behalf of the three protesters from a March 1 rally in Louisville, Ky., alleging Trump encourages an atmosphere of violence, according to NBC News.

Republicans oppose paid family leave because it's important to be consistent. Women need to be punished, whether or not they have a baby. -  LOLGOP

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CIA Agent a.k.a. Homer Simpson Leaves Bomb On School Bus
The CIA accidentally left inert explosives on a suburban Washington school bus for days after a training session, it acknowledged this week.
After a “routine training exercise” with police dog units at a Loudon County, Va., school last week, training explosives were “inadvertently” left behind in one of the buses, the CIA said in a statement.


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