Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What violence at Trump Rallies?


Man charged with assaulting protester at Trump rally is a D-M airman
A man charged with assaulting a protester at a Donald Trump rally in Tucson is an airman at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, a public affairs official confirmed.

Trump will bring peace to the Middle East with the same techniques that have worked so well at his rallies.- Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

This might be overly optimistic, but maybe Trump could unite the Israelis and Palestinians against him.- Andy Borowitz

Meanwhile Back To The Adults In D.C.
On Jan. 21, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with Iraq's prime minister in Davos, Switzerland, and handed him a personal note from President Barack Obama pleading for urgent action.

Speaking of trump, he recently said that if he becomes president he'll force Apple to start making its products in the United States. It's great news for anyone who wants to pay $20,000 for an iPhone.- Jimmy Fallon

The president of CNN rejected claims that the network has given Donald Trump too much attention, and said he feels no responsibility for the rise of Donald Trump. Makes sense. Just because someone mentions trump a lot on TV doesn't mean they're responsible for what he does if he's president.- Jimmy Fallon

Republican Shenanigans

Look in the Mirror: Media Obsessed by Hillary's Server Now Baffled By Trump's Teflon- Brasilmagic Tweet

Trump Does D.C.
GOP White House hopeful Donald Trump huddled with Washington, D.C., Republicans in the shadow of the Capitol on Monday, an attempt by the political newcomer to appear more presidential as he zeroes in on his party’s nomination.

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Trump Meets Jesus's Ancestors
Seeking to calm worries about his scant foreign policy credentials, Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump used his turn before the United States’ largest pro-Israel group to offer his view for the Middle East. He did himself few favors, often appearing to contradict himself and at times sounding just like the politicians he lambastes.

Trump had a tough task at the AIPAC summit today -- try to appeal to Jews without alienating his core constituency of Nazis.- Andy Borowitz

Rock The Voter News

Harassing Voters Through Name Shaming
A man in North Carolina has detailed the wringer through which both he and wife were subjected when trying to vote in the state’s recent primary, as people with South Asian names in a state with a strict voter ID law. And this happened not once, but twice.

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Donald Trump: "My foreign policy team is great! Every one of them has a degree in foreign affairs from Trump University."- Tea Party Cat

Business/Tech News

Jeb Bush, Scott Walker Spotted Doing Lawn Work on Koch Estate. - Andy Borowitz

It's Obama's Fault! Take That GOP!
There's growing evidence that most of the dramatic gain in the number of Americans with health care coverage is due to President Barack Obama not the economy ...

I'm socially liberal but economically conservative. I think gay people should be able to marry, but they shouldn't be able to retire.- LOLGOP

Ben Carson was right about grain pyramids!



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