Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trump predicts 'riots' if he's not nominee


Trump predicts 'riots' if he's not nominee
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump predicted on Wednesday that there would be "riots" if he does not secure the GOP nomination, given his lead among delegates.

Chris Christie interviewed Donald Trump at a rally in North Carolina. During the interview, Christie asked Trump to talk about what kind of father he's been, to which Trump replied, "A creepy one." - Seth Myers

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam


FEMA Just Said No To Michigan
Federal officials have denied Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s request to give the city of Flint additional funds to help deal with its lead-contaminated water crisis, his office said on Wednesday.

As Donald Trump gets close to the nomination. Now I see why we needed warnings on plastic bags telling us not to put them over our heads. - Bette Midler Tweet

Republican Shenanigans

Trump only hates wind farms because of his hair. - Russell Brand

Trump Said No To Fox Debate, Again.
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump announced Wednesday on Fox News that he would be skipping the network's next GOP debate, set for Monday in Salt Lake City.
"I won't be there, no," Trump said during a telephone interview on "Fox and Friends."

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The truth that many Republicans don't understand is that Barack Obama is actually the Michael Jordan of politics. - Kevin Glass

Uh Oh. Will Fox News Hold A Debate And No One Will Show Up?
Ohio Gov. John Kasich won't attend the Fox News Republican presidential debate scheduled for Monday after Donald Trump said he wouldn't participate, according to tweets by Kasich's political consultant.

Rock The Voter News

Yes, of course Garland is to the left of is Genghis Khan. - Tina Dupuy

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Trump Vows to Unite Nation Except Mexicans, Muslims, Women, Blacks, People Opposed to Being Punched in Face. - Andy Borowitz

Business/Tech News

Metro Shutdown Big Plus For Uber
The Metro shutdown had riders flocking to Uber in droves, the company says. Uber says the number of people signing up for the app in the run-up to the morning commute was 70 percent higher than on the same day last week.

"But if you give me your Jello I can turn it into even more Jello." - Bernie Madoff, to cellmate.



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