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Trump infomercial captivates networks
Millions of viewers tuned into to cable news networks during the prime 9 p.m. EST hour likely expecting to hear some candidate speeches. What they got, on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC, was one candidate talking for 45 minutes: Donald Trump.

Trump Wins Three More States, Say Centers for Disease Control. - Andy Borowitz

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Rocking The Voter

This will be the year of the voter who is denied the right to vote. Over a dozen states have placed restrictions on voting. Hey, it worked in one state in 2000 when Jeb purged the voter rolls of over 50,000 voters claiming they were ineligible to vote causing such a close race. Jeb knew exactly what he did and why.

I can't vote as the Florida restrictions for expats living overseas are ridiculous

I'm worried. No matter who the Democratic nominee is, when people are restricted from voting it mainly affects retirees, low income people and all minorities. In other words, Democrats.

Watching this Trumpmania spread across the USA is scary. For the past 30+ years, I always thought of Trump as a vulgar high end real estate salesman who had a gorgeous woman on his arm competing for the best hairstyle. Now he is running for president?

The bar was lowered nationally when Jeb and the Supreme Court ushered in W. It was furthered lowered when John McCain gave us the Baked Alaska treat, Sarah Palin.

The Republicans have always spoken in code to the "white" people and now the whole world is watching Donald Trump throw that code out the window and openly denigrate Latinos to Muslims, deny knowledge of the KKK, advocate building walls and even insulting the Pope. The Pope! AND his numbers go up!

Ugly American describes Trump and his millions of followers.

And the media is complicit in Trump's rise with the obscene amount of free coverage for Trump due to his antics. Trump is playing them and he is reveling in it.

 It's all about ratings and CNN, Fox News and MSNBC all chose to cover Trump and not Hillary, Bernie or the other GOP candidates.

I'm so old I remember when the media investigated to get to the truth of politics, nowadays the media lets the right wing politicians dictate for ratings.

This isn't yellow journalism, it is the color of money journalism.


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