Friday, March 4, 2016

The GOP Slugfest


Donald Trump defends size of his penis
Donald Trump assured American voters Thursday night that despite what Marco Rubio had suggested, there was "no problem" with the size of his hands -- or anything else.

The GOP debate was similar to watching a cock fight, without the cocks, just dicks.

83 years ago today, FDR said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" but he hadn't seen last night's debate.- LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

North Korea got nuclear weapons under George W. Bush, which is obviously Bill Clinton's fault.- LOLGOP

The Warring Republicans
 With U.S. Republicans sharply split over a front-runner they cannot unite behind, a new group is trying to push the country's top elected Republican, Paul Ryan, into the White House race.

The worst part of #GOPDebate had to be the screams from the graves of Eisenhower & Lincoln.- John Fugelsang

Republican Shenanigans

O'Reilly Can't Hold His Liquor? He's Shamed The Irish!
Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s post-debate show on Thursday drew more attention than usual online, in part because several observers speculated that the Factor host was not in a condition to perform his duties.

We'll miss you, Dr. Ben Carson. The human Quaalude. - cafedotcom tweet

Caitlyn Jenner is brave but she's also become everything the GOP wants in a female voter. - rich, white, older AND she doesn't have a uterus. - John Fugelsang

Overcharging The Messenger 
Michigan's health department has demanded thousands of dollars to release documents related to one of the worst outbreaks of Legionnaires' disease in U.S. history, which some experts say could have been prevented had state officials acted sooner.

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When they do the live action version of 'Frozen' I want Megyn Kelly for Queen Elsa. - John Fugelsang

Rock The Voter News

While The GOP Is Infighting... President Obama mocked Republican presidential campaign and the news cycle Friday in an effort to draw attention to something he says is more important to the American people: jobs.

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Hi, it's cold and I don't read much so that proves 97% of the world's scientists are wrong about climate change.- John Fugelsang

Good thing no one ever asks Republicans why Obamacare has led to the best job creation of the century.- LOLGOP

Business/Tech News

#GOPDebate - It's like 'The Apprentice' but with fascism.- John Fugelsang

Sports Authority Not The Authority On Retailing
Sports Authority will close 19 stores in California as part of its bankruptcy proceedings. The Englewood, Colo.-based sporting goods retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Wednesday and said it would close or sell about 140 stores, or ..


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Odd News
Time To Deflate Photo

A picture of the saltwater lake  La’nga Co in Tibet. It's Sanskrit name translates to "lake of the demon", as the lake is devoid of fish and plants. Scott Kelly tweeted this picture in January. NASA/Scott Kelly


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