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Paul Ryan Apologizes For Calling The Poor ‘Takers’


Paul Ryan Apologizes For Calling The Poor ‘Takers’
In a Capitol Hill speech billed as a repudiation of the tone of the 2016 election, House Speaker Paul Ryan apologized for his own past rhetoric about poor people of color.
“There was a time when I would talk about a difference between ‘makers’ and ‘takers’ in our country, referring to people who accepted government benefits,” he said. “But as I spent more time listening, and really learning the root causes of poverty, I realized I was wrong. ‘

That awkward moment when Paul Ryan votes against Obama every single time for 7 yrs and then says "we can't let our institutions lose trust." - Tea Party Cat

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

“They hit Brussels? That’s horrible! How the hell did ISIS find a way to bomb Iceland?...Or is it in Norway?”
—most Americans 
- Erik Bransteen

New Yorkers Just Don't Like Ted Cruz Because Of Their New York Values
New York Police Department spokesman Peter Donald shot back at Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Tuesday regarding comments he made earlier about patrolling Muslim neighborhoods...Hey, @tedcruz are our nearly 1k Muslim officers a "threat" too? It's hard to imagine a more incendiary, foolish statement, the NYPD spokesman tweeted..

Right now somewhere an American is in a Mexican restaurant explaining that he doesn't want a tortilla, he wants a wrap.- John Fugelsang

Republican Shenanigans

I'm skeptical of government so I need a thin-skinned bigot who threatens people's wives to clean it all up. - LOLGOP

Chicken Trump

Donald Trump faced a dilemma – and a defining moment – at his Chicago rally.

Thousands of his supporters turned out to witness in person the latest installment of Trump’s hateful racist, jingoistic, xenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, nationalistic, anti-Muslim campaign screed.

These rallies usually attract a small number of protesters, who are unceremoniously escorted from the hall while Trump berates them from the podium and bellows, “Get ‘em out … get ‘em outta here.” Recently, Trump’s remarks have provoked escalating violence toward the protesters, with the candidate’s tacit approval.

Unfortunately, in Chicago the numbers of Trump supporters and protesters were about equal.  Ten thousand people filled the hall on the University of Illinois at Chicago campus and thousands more spilled into surrounding streets.  Tensions ran high; the rally was set to turn violent.

As the starting time for the rally approached, Trump faced a choice.  He could take the stage as his usual narcissistic, rabble-rousing, rich-bully self, which would likely spark widespread violence and bring condemnation from politicians, the media, and the country generally. The fallout from that approach could cost him the GOP nomination.

Or he could attempt to settle things down, reduce tensions, extend an olive branch to the protesters, call for tolerance and mutual respect, and try to act mature and reasonable – even Presidential – for a change. That’s what a good leader would do. But that approach would cost him the support of many of his fans, who have no interest in a good leader or a mature and reasonable candidate.

Faced with this dilemma, which choice did Trump make?

He decided to be a no-show at his own rally.  That’s right: he whiffed.  Trump chickened out of his own rally.

Chicken Trump.  B’gawk, b’gawk, buk, buk, buk.

Chicken Trump sent out a spokesman to announce that the rally was being postponed indefinitely.  Then his campaign put out a statement saying that the Chicago Police Department cancelled the rally.  But Chicago Police say they were not consulted on the decision.  Once again, Chicken Trump lied.

Chicken Trump went on to whine that his free speech rights were totally violated.  The only problem with that claim is that he silenced himself in the face of protesters; no government agency abridged his freedom of speech.

Still, it’s a convenient argument since it relieves Chicken Trump of any personal responsibility for whatever happened at the rally and it casts him in the role of victim.  Victimhood provides an ideal cover for cowardice.

This was a defining moment for the man would be President of the United States.  Faced with a difficult decision, Chicken Trump decided not to decide; to cut and run from the choice, and to declare himself a victim to boot.

If this is how Chicken Trump handles opposition on the campaign trail, imagine how he will react when faced with opposition from Congress.  Or the Supreme Court.  Or the Russians or Chinese.

When Trump’s presidential campaign goes the way of his failed Trump Steaks brand, maybe he can introduce a new product: Trump Chicken. It will go perfectly with a glass of Trump’s trademarked brand of white whine.

-Rick Wise


My dad and brother were president.

Jeb¡ Endorses Tea Party Cruz
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) presidential campaign on Wednesday morning, urging Republicans in a statement to prevent Donald Trump from securing the nomination.

Jeb Bush was right about 1 thing.
His brother did keep us safe.
From Jeb getting the White House.- John Fugelsang

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If President Obama had any respect for the people of Brussels, he would have left Cuba & headed to Twitter to blackmail his opponent's wife.- LOLGOP

Rock The Voter News

Next up on Fox News: Obama defects to Cuba throwing nation into chaos.- Tea Party Cat

This Is Not A Joke: Sarah Palin May Become A Judge On The TeeVee!
Could Sarah Palin be the next Judge Judy?
The former GOP vice presidential candidate is poised to pick up the gavel as the star of a new courtroom reality TV show.
If picked up, the syndicated daytime series would premiere next year...

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton concedes election to Donald Trump, saying “I just can’t see how I can win after Scott Baio endorsed Trump.”- Tea Party Cat

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Business/Tech News

The media has Stockholm syndrome with Trump. They're starting to empathize with their captor.- Tina Dupuy

Lies, Lies And More Damned Lies
We don’t win any more. Mexico and China are picking our pockets. And now, on top of all that, we’re poor.
That’s the latest assertion from – can you guess? – Donald Trump, who expanded on his view of Broken America.. “We were a very powerful, very wealthy country,” the leading Republican presidential contender said. “And we’re a poor country now. We’re a debtor nation. How are you going to get rid of $21 trillion in debt?”

Starbucks announced today that they are introducing a new Caramelized Honey Frappuccino to their menu. And then your dentist announced he’s buying a new boat.- Seth Myers


The sad after effects of fighting the right.

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