Thursday, January 28, 2016

"The guy scares me."


"The Guy Scares Me": Holocaust Survivors Warn About The Danger Of Trump's Right-Wing Media Approved Rhetoric
On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Holocaust survivors warned about the demagoguery and rhetoric espoused by Donald Trump that they say echoes back to Nazi Germany -- the same rhetoric which has been sanctioned by right-wing media and praised by white nationalist media as "wonderful."

Disappointed with how the government is treating him, GOP nominee Donald Trump to boycott election, hold his own election via Twitter.- Tea Party cat

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Why do so many Americans hate people from the middle east, yet worship someone from the middle east? - The Good God Above



Personally, I'd rather see Mika of Morning Joe ask the questions.
Media whores, the lot of them

Republican Shenanigans

"Trump is just skipping the debate for media attention!" said the media during its wall-to-wall coverage about Trump skipping the debate. - goldengateblond

Donald's Running Mate?
Former congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on Wednesday indicated some openness to being Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump’s running mate, before closing the door on the idea with a series of tweets.

FYI, Bernie supporters who do nothing but attack Hillary and Hillary supporters who do nothing but attack Bernie, you're as bad as the GOP.- OhNoSheTwitnt

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Good News For Democrats
This is not a poll of who people say they'll vote for. It's a poll of who they expect to win. I'm surprised that the public is apparently so sure of a Democratic victory, but I suppose that has a lot to do with the obvious turmoil in the Republican race.

REMINDER: Only one candidate for president is the same religion as Jesus was.- LOLGOP

Rock The Voter News

Why I'm optimistic: Either we get our most qualified nominee ever, who happens to be female, OR a genuine prophet of the crisis of now.- LOLGOP

This Looks Serious, People.
The Zika virus, blamed for a surge in birth defects, is “spreading explosively”, World Health Organization chief Margaret Chan said Thursday, calling for an emergency meeting on the outbreak on February 1.

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Voters torn between supporting Trump or Cruz have settled on Crump, Helen Crump, the one Sheriff Taylor's sweet on.- Paula Poundstone

Business/Tech News

"But why didn't the Barbie people make any MALE dolls with different body types and skin colors?"'- Ken's Rights Activist

Increasing Fees On Solar Users
States such as California, Arizona and Nevada have moved to increase fees on homeowners and businesses with solar panels. States such as California, Arizona and Nevada have moved to increase fees on homeowners and businesses with solar panels.

The financial class crashed the global economy, costing 15 million Americans their jobs or homes, and you're mad at immigrants.- LOLGOP

People are very upset because in a new movie Michael Jackson is going to be played by a British white man. The producers said, "We didn’t want to cast a white man, but we’d like to get nominated for an Oscar."- Conan O'Brien


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