Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sarah has a problems with presidential campaigns

Sarah Palin, in speech at Trump rally, blames President Obama for son Track’s PTSD and domestic violence arrest
Trump backer Sarah Palin charged Wednesday that President Obama didn’t do enough for troubled U.S. war veterans — and more specifically, her recently arrested son.

Just when you thought she couldn't get "stupider" she does. There are those who thought Sarah sounded drunk when she endorsed Trump, I disagree, she sounded as though she was on coke or Maui Wowee, rambling and rambling on.

NOTICE: Short short edition today. Mea culpa.

Iranian prez says 'death to America' & it's 'terrorism.'  McCain says 'bomb bomb Iran' & it's 'just playing to his base.'- John Fugelsang

A millennial (my kid) sent me this toon. 

Trump fans who believe he'll build a border wall, deport 11 million & ban Muslim tourists are like that tragic girl who wants to be lied to. - John Fugelsang

Dole reacts moments after Cruz knocked him down.

Bob Dole Disses Cruz
Former Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole is warning GOP voters that putting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at the top of the ticket would be “cataclysmic” for the party.

Study shows 10% of USA college grads believe Judge Judy serves on the Supreme Court.  

ISIS, you're trying too hard. - John Fugelsang

More Emails That Are Not Hillary's!
In an effort to offer answer mounting questions about who is at fault for the contamination of Flint’s drinking water, Governor Rick Snyder broke with his exemption from Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act and released emails he sent and received regarding Flint during 2014 and 2015.

Before Facebook we had absolutely no way of reconnecting with the people who beat us up in Jr. High.- John Fugelsang

Take care my snowbound friends, you don't want to end up like this poor fellow!


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