Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Militiamen In Oregon Dig Into Government Files At Refuge


Militiamen In Oregon Dig Into Government Files At Refuge
The armed squatters at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon have begun rummaging through government documents at the reserve.

I don't want to put too much pressure on the President, but he has only one more year to take our guns. - Andy Borowitz

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

I hear the best part of tonight's State of the Union will be Obama showing off all the guns he's taken. - LOLGOP

Florida Judge's Can't Decide The Death Penalty
In an 8-1 decision, the United States Supreme Court has ruled against Florida’s capital punishment scheme, which says that judges have the power to determine facts in death penalty cases.

Republican Shenanigans

Whenever certain Caucasians complain about 'reverse racism' I just mutter 'you people.' - John Fugelsang

Oregon Judge Bills Bundy $70K A Day
 Oregon judge says he will bill Ammon Bundy up to $70,000 a day to reimburse Harney County for security costs related to the ongoing occupation of a wildlife refuge.

Ted Cruz: “Yes, I was born in Canada, but at least it’s a Christian country, not like Obama who was born in the Muslim caliphate of Hawaii.”- Tea Party Cat

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GOP invites Kim Davis to attend #SOTU in latest sign party has completely given up hope of getting any LGBT votes. - The Daily Edge

Rock The Voter News

Schools To Check Children's Genitals?
A bill filed by a Virginia lawmaker this week would require schools to be certain that children are using the restroom corresponding to their “correct anatomical sex.”

Obama to Thank Congress for Hard Work in Most Sarcastic State of Union Ever. - Andy Borowitz

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Business/Tech News

The world-famous Playboy Mansion is for sale. Luckily, so is bleach.- Seth Myers

Thanks Obama!
The U.S. military’s push to cut off the cash flow to Islamic extremists has taken an explosive turn. On Monday, defense officials told CNN that the U.S. dropped a pair of 2,000-pound bombs on a building in Mosul, Iraq, that contained potentially millions in currency belonging to ISIS.

El Chapo is back in the same prison he escaped from six months ago but they revoked his tunnel privileges this time. The plan is they're hoping to extradite him to the United States so he can be tried by a jury of his customers.- Jimmy Kimmel


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