Saturday, December 12, 2015

Gun linked to Paris attacks traced back to Florida arms dealer implicated in Iran-Contra scandal


Gun linked to Paris attacks traced back to Florida arms dealer implicated in Iran-Contra scandal
A gun linked to last month’s Paris mass shootings has been traced back to a Florida arms dealer.
The serial number for a M92 semi-automatic pistol linked to the deadly Nov. 13 terrorist attacks matched one for a weapon delivered by the Zastava arms factory in May 2013 to Century International Arms in Delray Beach...

Why am I not surprised a gun linked to the Paris attacks was traced back to Florida? 

Maybe Republicans will worry about gun violence after they solve the problem of too many people having health insurance.- LOLGOP

The World is A Safer Place Without Saddam

North Korea calls Obama 'a monkey' and American racists realize they don't know who they're supposed to root for.- John Fugelsang

The Donald Blames Hillary For Deaths
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton's time as secretary of State "caused tremendous havoc and tremendous death."
“She’s caused so many deaths," Trump said in a Saturday morning interview with "Fox & Friends." “You look at so many decisions that she made that were so bad, so horrible."

Thanks to Trump it's no longer hip to be a racist billionaire.- John Fugelsang

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Republican Shenanigans

Donald Trump attacked by a bald eagle could be the 1st time a metaphor has had an orgasm.- John Fugelsang

Boehner Is Back. Buzzes By Benghazi Panel
Former House Speaker John Boehner has returned to the Capitol, six weeks after he stepped down as House leader.

Fact checking Donald Trump is like delousing a corpse. - LOLGOP

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Rock The Voter News

Dems Tried But Crazies/Terrorists Can Still Get Guns!
The Republican-run House of Representatives on Thursday blocked a Democratic effort to consider bipartisan gun control legislation in the wake of repeated, highly publicized mass shootings in the United States. Voting along party lines by 242 to 173

Evangelicals should really replace their nativity scenes with dioramas of them chasing away immigrants. - LOLGOP

Business News

One thing's for sure: the next Republican president will make America miss the intelligence, sanity and competence of George W. Bush. - Jon Schwarz

Can We Save The Planet Now?
Negotiators from 196 countries approved a landmark climate accord on Saturday that seeks to dramatically reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases blamed for a dangerous warming of the planet.

This tweet contains the names of every interesting person that ever had an easy life.- John Fugelsang


In 2 days AHNC will be 15 years old.
Soon, I'll have to teach her to drive!

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