Monday, November 16, 2015

France responds with massive airstrike on ISIS


France responds with massive airstrike on ISIS
French fighter jets launched their biggest raids in Syria to date, targeting the Islamic State's stronghold in Raqqa just two days after the group.. .

It’s a shame Ben Carson wasn’t in Paris where he could’ve rushed all those gunman before anyone got killed.- Tea Party Cat

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

 You would have had a lot different story in Paris if others had guns to counter the armed terrorists.- Donald Trump the Chump

HERE are live updates on the Paris attacks from the Guardian

2003 -if libs warn Iraq invasion will lead to more terror, call them Un-American.
2015 -if Iraq invasion leads to more terror, blame libs.- John Fugelsang

TRUMP: Close The Mosques!
Donald Trump on Monday morning blamed gun controls for the extent of the carnage in the Paris attacks and also called for possibly closing some mosques, as the billionaire businessman and other Republican presidential candidates kicked off the week by taking a hard line on the response to Friday's tragedy in France that killed more than 130 and injured hundreds more.

The people who blamed Iraq for 9/11 remind you to blame refugees fleeing ISIS for ISIS. - John Fugelsang

Republican Shenanigans

'When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.' - Socrates; who's clearly a total libtard. - John Fugelsang

Message to Alabama Gov: If you really want to punish Syrian refugees, don't prevent, LET them move to Alabama.- Erik Bransteen

Bristol Palin's Pregnancies Explained!
Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin explained that her daughter had gotten pregnant out of wedlock for the second time because God gave people second, third and fourth chances not to sin.

BREAKING: Bob Dole endorses Jeb Bush for president. All other candidates, including Hillary and Bernie, concede defeat and drop out.- Tea Party Cat

More People Fleeing: Cubans Storm Nicaraguan/Costa Rica Border
Nicaragua said thousands of Cubans forced their way into its territory from Costa Rica on Sunday, accusing its southern neighbor of "deliberately and irresponsibly" flooding it with US-bound migrants.

"Not our boots!"

US Boots Needed On The Ground In Syria
Defense hawks in Congress say it's time for American boots on the ground against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), following a wave of terrorist attacks in Paris that killed more than 120.

"Stones don’t hurt people. People hurt people." -National Slingshot Association

Rock The Voter News

Obama Socks It To For-Profit-Schools
 The Obama administration has reached a $95.5 million settlement with a Pittsburgh firm that runs for-profit trade schools and colleges.

So conservatives will help us stop terrorists from buying guns at gun shows without a background check now, right?- Oliver Willis

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Under the Constitution, governors don't have the authority to restrict foreigners in their states. This is BS GOPeacocking. Tina Dupuy

Business/Tech News

BREAKING: Supreme Court to rule on whether women have a say in what’s in their bodies, instead of Texas legislators as is the law now.- Tea Party Cat

Only Rich Kids Get To See Santa!
Children wanting to see Santa Claus at a southern New Jersey mall will now have to pay.

To: Donald Trump. I would be so much more convinced that more guns would solve our problems if we did not currently have three hundred million of them.- Andy Borowitz




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Paul Newman, Katherine Ross and Robert Redford during the filming of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."


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