Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hundreds of Latinos protest at Trump rally, clash with supporters


Hundreds of Latinos protest at Trump rally, clash with supporters
 A downtown Dallas rally by presidential hopeful Donald Trump produced some of the sharpest scenes of conflict yet in his campaign as hundreds gathered to protest his positions on immigration and confronted supporters as they left the event.

With all the talk about the presidential race, it's easy to forget that we're still 14 months from Election Day. Which means we're just nine years away from the end of the Trump presidency.- Stephen Colbert

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Hillary Clinton vowed to take military action if Iran moves toward creating nuclear weapons, or if she loses to Bernie Sanders. "Fire up the drones!"- Jimmy Fallon

North Korea Threatens To Nuke USA
North Korea announced on Tuesday it had restarted its Yongbyon nuclear reactor and was ready to use nuclear weapons "any time" against the U.S., according to a state news report.
"If the U.S. and other hostile forces persistently seek their reckless hostile policy towards the [Democratic People's Republic of Korea] and behave mischievously, the DPRK is fully ready to cope with them with nuclear weapons any time," the director of the North Korean Atomic Energy Institute said, CNN reported.  

Republican Shenanigans

Billionaires Gone Wild!
Mark Cuban says that if he were running for president in 2016 he could beat fellow billionaire TV personality Donald Trump, the GOP presidential front-runner.

"I get asked every day. It's a fun idea to toss around," Cuban said when asked in an email exchange with CNBC published Monday about whether he would ever run for president.

When Arnold takes over Celebrity Apprentice I hope he replaces 'You're fired' with 'You won't be back.'- John Fugelsang

Another Government Shutdown? Probably.
The plan hatched by the GOP leadership in Congress to appease abortion hardliners and avoid a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood funding shows little sign of working so far.

I bet Jeb! can get his poll numbers up if he just works longer hours.- Tina Dupuy

Rock The Voter News

Happy National Hispanic American Heritage Month or, as the GOP frontrunner calls it, National Criminals and Rapists Month.- LOLGOP

Whaaat?  Christian Counseling Ordered By The Court
An Albuquerque, New Mexico mother was ordered by a judge to attend sessions with a Christian counselor or face contempt of court charges and lose custody of her children. However, when the counselor’s practices were put under scrutiny, several serious problems became apparent.

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Trump + CNN = If the missing plane caught Ebola - LOLGOP

Business/Tech News

"We must close union offices, confiscate their money...reduce workers' salaries & take away their right to strike." - A. Hitler, 1933- John Fugelsang

Christie Blows $136 Mil Privatizing Lottery
Two years after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie privatized much of the state's lottery operations, a big payoff remains out of sight.

Higher costs associated with the private company that Christie hired, Northstar New Jersey, have cut the state's income for the second straight year, creating a $136 million shortfall in the state's 2015 budget...

Auto-correct is both my breast fried and my worst enamel. - JokeBlogger.com


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