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‘Go back to your country, Bin Laden': Elderly Sikh severely beaten ahead of 9/11 anniversary
Just days before the US commemorates the September 11 terrorist attacks, an elderly Sikh-American has been hospitalised after an assailant attacked him in Chicago, dubbing him a "terrorist".

I'm no fashion expert, Ms World Trade Center protestor, but your 'never forgive' sign clashes with that crucifix you're wearing.- John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.- TheGoodGodAbove Tweet

Yep, The GOP Wants WAR With Iran.
In an anticlimactic end to the acrimonious debate in Congress over the Iran nuclear deal, the House voted against the agreement Friday -- a largely symbolic move that won’t prevent the pact from taking effect next week.

"Congress was back in session after a five-week summer break. They have until September 30 to pass a budget to ensure that the government stays up and running, or else they will be forced to, well, I guess go back on vacation." –Jimmy Kimmel

Republican Shenanigans

The problem with America's Congress isn't that it's a Confederacy of Dunces, it's the Dunces of the Confederacy.- John Fugelsang

Of Course, More Wasted Tax Dollars By The GOP On Fake Scandals
The House will vote on two bills next week that come in response to a series of sting videos accusing Planned Parenthood of breaking the law, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from the House floor announced Friday.

I'm so glad that the Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood-- it must mean that they are planning to spend billions to feed, clothe and educate all those additional babies!- Andy Borowitz

"Political insiders are saying that Donald Trump's continued popularity is causing Mitt Romney to consider entering the GOP primary race. Wow, Mitt Romney. Just when you thought the GOP field couldn't get any more interesting, you were right." –Seth Meyers

Rock The Voter News

When Republicans say they're against political correctness; they really mean all correctness: science, civics, history, law--basic math.- Tina Dupuy

"If folks didn’t like this year’s Blue Devils, they were just being haters." —President Obama on how the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Champion Duke University Blue Devils represented their school on the court, in class, and through giving back to the community. Photo/White House

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When All Else Fails, Sue The President. It Worked So Well Last Time!
 House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Thursday that all options are on the table in the fight to stop the Iran nuclear deal from moving forward, including suing the president. 

Dear Rowan Co Taxpayers: Why pay #KimDavis OVER 5 TIMES your average salary to do a job that would get done better if you paid her nothing?- Mrs. Betty Bowers

Unemployment lower than at any time under Reagan. Instead of illegally trading weapons to Iran, we have a peace deal. "A disaster," says GOP. - The Daily Edge

Business/Tech News

Jeb Bush's new tax-cut plan says we must do more to help the millionaires & billionaires that are sufferin' in this country.- TeaPain Tweet

JEB: A Member Of The Trickle Down Club
In pitching his tax-cut plan, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush lamented the persistence of breaks that “apply to some but not to all.”
Still, his proposal to reduce taxes by at least $3.4 trillion over a decade leaves many credits, exclusions and exemptions untouched. Those include breaks for health care, retirement, life insurance, municipal bonds, home sales and child care.

When Donald Trump said Carly Fiorina is too ugly to be president, everyone laughed, none louder than his loyal sidekick Combover. - Tea Party Cat

FEEL THE BERN: Bernie Wants To Jail CEOs, Not Pot Smokers.
 Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders isn't terribly impressed with a new Department of Justice pledge to get serious about white-collar crime.

14 years ago today America was attacked by 0 Iraqis, 0 Afghans and 0 Iranians. Never forget.- John Fugelsang


I had a lovely birthday with good friends and good food at the Monkey Bar in Playa Flamingo.
Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes and gifts!

The Pacific view from the rooftop Monkey Bar. Sadly no sunset to see as it was and still is cloudy.

The Marina view from the Monkey Bar.

Chicken Cordon Bleu. Oui Oui!

My friends, left to right, Cookie, Yvonne, some lady who barged in and
Yerlin. I love my little birthday cake.


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

The White House this morning, honoring those lost on 9-11 fourteen years ago.


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  1. That young lady who crashed your party looks fantastic!
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