Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Trump: I would shut down government over Planned Parenthood


Trump: I would shut down government over Planned Parenthood
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Monday he believes Republicans should shut down the government rather than fund Planned Parenthood, the health services group that is facing scrutiny after undercover videos of its officials emerged.

GOP base: We were promised a pony -- that would deport and defund everything. And if we don't get it, we're voting for Trump.- LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam


Taliban In Turmoil
 A top Taliban official announced his resignation on Tuesday amid a growing leadership struggle in the Afghan insurgent movement after the news of the death of leader Mullah Mohammad Omar last week.

According to the poll, there is widespread fear that, if the GOP debate were to be viewed in foreign countries, the cost to the United States’ prestige around the world would be incalculable. - Andy Borowitz

Republican Shenanigans

That video of Ted Cruz cooking and eating bacon from the barrel of a machine gun makes me comfortable giving him access to the red button.- Warren Holstein

Subject: Planned Parenthood

Conservatives like to pretend they think rationally not emotionally
but the reality is all that “rational” thinking pretty much flies out the
window on anything related to abortion.
The controversy over Planned Parenthood is a prime example of this.
They’re incapable of separating their feelings about abortion from the facts
of what Planned Parenthood has been accused of.
The simple dispassionate fact of the matter is, if Planned Parenthood
is guilty of selling black market baby parts, then by the same logic, every
hospital and organization that handles organ donation is also guilty of
selling black market body parts and even whole bodies.

When someone donates an organ for transplant or medical research,
that organ doesn’t just magically appear at the final destination.
Someone has to deal with the gory details of getting it from point A to point B.
It can’t be just anyone and it can’t be by just any means.
These things have costs associated with them and we all know how much
conservatives hate the idea of “free stuff”, so someone has to pay those costs.

If conservatives think a price list for the handling of organ donation doesn’t exist then they’re being deliberately na├»ve.

The reality is, assuming they’re actually capable of thinking rationally and not emotionally,
is what was “uncovered” at Planned Parenthood is no different than the costs of handling any
other organ donation program.

Conservatives are just incapable of seeing that because they can’t see the facts through their
emotions over abortion.


Thanks for writing, Greg. Yeah, you're right, there is no middle ground with anti-abortionists, same with gun nuts, immigration, War on Christmas...etc....
The GOP mantra should be...God, Guns, Barefoot & Pregnant. 

Huckabee wants to use troops to stop women from having abortions. Your lips say freedom, but your ideas say fascism.- Tina Dupuy

Former Bush Official: Hack The Hackers
The U.S. government should deputize private companies to strike back against cyberattackers as a way to discourage widespread threats against the nation’s businesses, a former government official says.

Our analysis reveals that Obama's new "climate plan" calls for the burning of Bibles as a low-carbon energy source. - GOP Science Committee tweet

Rock The Voter News

There is such a thing as being too late on climate change, says Obama. RELATED: SC lowers Confederate Flag 150 years after end of Civil War.- The Daily Edge

California Burning
A wildfire that has devoured drought-parched terrain in northern California with remarkable speed raged on for a sixth day on Monday as evacuations expanded and firefighters began to gain some ground against the flames

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3-D Printed Pills On The Market
In a world first, the US Food and Drug Administration has given the go-ahead for a 3D-printed pill to be produced.
The FDA has previously approved medical devices - including prosthetics - that have been 3D printed.

Business/Tech News

Puerto Rico defaults on debt. Donald Trump proposes to solve debt crisis by "deporting all Puerto Ricans back to Mexico."- Tea Party Cat

Get The Frack Outta Here
Oklahoma regulators are imposing new restrictions on energy companies injecting wastewater underground, in the latest effort to stem a sharp increase in earthquakes.

The Egyptians stopped worshiping cats as Gods over 2000 years ago and nobody told the cats.- John Fugelsang ‏

Muhammad Ali helps talk a suicidal man off the ninth floor of a high-rise structure in Los Angeles, 1981.



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

A sea slug, Glaucus Atlanticus.


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