Friday, August 7, 2015

The Debate

FoxNews is not on my cable here in Costa Rica unless I pay an extra $4. CNNInternational and Headline News is included in my basic cable.

After watching some of the Republican debate clips from last night  I have come to the conclusion that Donald Trump has done the best job ever of dividing the GOP since Ross Perot.

Trump is a bully and so are his followers. A match made in heaven in their eyes. Trump won't fold as Perot did back in the day, but Trump will eventually bully his way until he says something so distasteful that he will lose half his die hard fans. And, hopefully, that will be after he secures the GOP nomination. Please, please, please.

The Greedy Old Party is a mess and that is a good thing, isn't it? And the election is only 458 days away.

And the most upsetting news last night was, it was Jon Stewart's last Daily Show. Sigh. How can his shoes be filled? Who else has the guts to watch FoxNews and stay sane?

While the Republican candidates were crowing or sparring on national TV, Hillary was rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.  I title the screen shot below,  the REAL KKK...Kim, Killery and Kanye.

By the way, Hillary is wearing a lovely orange pant outfit with a Mandarin collar in the above photo. I personally think that Kim should dress Hillary. I would love to see Hillary in more beige tones, Jones of NY style. I think Kim would agree. Remember, Kim made her name long before her reality TV show, by dressing Hollywood's finest.

Today was a comedy of errors for me so I was not able to produce my usual edition. Sometimes life hands you a bunch of puzzle pieces and this was one of those days.

But when all is said and done, Mrs. Betty Bowers said it best about Donald Trump last night..."I think we can all agree that Donald Trump won last night's debate -- if the object of the election is to find a petulant president who talks like an anonymous Internet commenter."

See you Monday!


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  1. So, why did Bill Clinton encourage Donald to run? Heh, heh, heh.