Thursday, July 30, 2015

Former Sarah Palin aide gets job as Trump's political director


Donald Trump 2016: Former Sarah Palin aide gets job as Trump's political director
Donald Trump, who’s polling at the head of the 2016 Republican primary pack, has finally decided to hire a national political director.

Maybe more Republicans would believe in Climate Change if we'd refer to it as the Weather Rapture.-

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Note to Democrats: White House says it’ll be “closely watching” who votes for the #IranDeal; so will American people.- John Boehner

USA Sells Egypt Used F-16s
The United States Embassy in Cairo says the U.S. is delivering eight newer F-16 warplanes to Egypt as part of an ongoing military support package.

It seems like every day, another candidate comes out of the woodwork. In fact this week, a man from Iowa whose actual legal name is Deez Nuts, announced that he is running for president. Then Americans looked at the other candidates and said, “He can't be worse than DOZE nuts.”- Jimmy Fallon

Republican Shenanigans

Look at all this outrage over a dead lion, but where is all the outrage over the planned parenthood dead babies.- Republican presidential candidate, Marco Rubio tweet

In Your Face Confederates
 Four Confederate battle flags were found on the grounds of the Ebenezer Baptist Church near the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Atlanta on Thursday, and police and federal authorities were investigating.

'America has moved beyond race' said the white person.- John Fugelsang

Bulk of Trump's Campaign Funds Coming from Journalists, Comedians and Democrats. - Andy Borowitz

Rock The Voter News

This might be a good time to remind the media that 'Militant Right-Wing Christian' is technically an oxymoron.- John Fugelsang

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Climate Change In Costa Rica
The National Meteorological Institute recently announced that additional severe weather is in store for Costa Rica in coming months, caused by the ongoing effects of El Niño, which has yet to reach its peak in the country.

I hope this Minnesota dentist is put behind bars so he can never run for President. - Andy Borowitz

Business/Tech News

The Mafia have just gone digital. They've started a division called Pay Up Pal. -

Someday I'll own my own basement.

The Millennial Scourge
Pity the millennial, poster child of the Great Recession. A popular meme portrays the typical millennial as a basement-dwelling economic loser, forever condemned to live in the nether regions of his parent’s house. Unfortunately, that meme is not without basis. The recession seem to have hit millennials particularly hard, making it even more difficult for young people to find good jobs and to establish their own households.

Medicare will survive longer than any party that aims to destroy it. Happy Birthday! - LOLGOP

7-30-65:  LBJ signs Medicare into law at a ceremony with Harry Truman who had pushed for national health care in 1948.

I'm following the NSA on Twitter, two can play that game. -



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Spencer Glacier, Alaska.


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