Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Okla. Court: Capitol Must Remove Ten Commandments Monument

Okla. Court: Capitol Must Remove Ten Commandments Monument
The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that the state must remove a controversial Ten Commandments monument from the capitol in Oklahoma City...

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion until gays want rights. 
- Tec Cruz's Constitution

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

The flag comes down. Black churches burn. Tell me again how the flag is about heritage, not racism. #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches - Kona Lowell

Black Church Fires After Massacre
Suspicious fires have damaged or razed a scattering of at least four predominantly black churches throughout the South ever since the June 17 church massacre in Charleston, S.C., authorities said.

Donald Trump is so racist his crosses burned themselves.- John Fugelsang

Republican Shenanigans

No freedom is more important than our freedom from what Ted Cruz thinks God thinks.- LOLGOP

Another Clown In The Car!
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose political career has taken almost as many turns as a roulette wheel at an Atlantic City Casino, is running for president.
He made the announcement today at Livingston High School, which he attended and was class president.

So speculators like Donald Trump cost us 8 million jobs and you're still scapegoating immigrants. That's commitment.- LOLGOP

The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage; or if you're watching FOX, they made it mandatory.- John Fugelsang

Rock The Voter News

It's silly to pay Chelsea Clinton $65k to make a speech, but on the other hand, watching wingnut heads explode makes it worth every penny. - Jeff Tiedrich

Damn That Obama, Insisting On Overtime Pay For Workers!
President Obama on Monday announced new rules that will require businesses to pay millions of additional American workers overtime wages.

The long-awaited regulation would make all salaried workers who earn less than $970 per week, roughly $50,440 per year, automatically eligible to earn overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours a week. 

There isn't anything Rand Paul wants government in, except your uterus.- LOLGOP

The Supreme Court Is Acting Like It's 2015
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to temporarily block parts of a strict new Texas abortion law.

If men could get pregnant not only would abortion be legal, locker room schmucks would be bragging over who's had more.- John Fugelsang

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Dear USA- once you deindustrialize, automate & outsource jobs overseas try not to call Americans who can't find work 'lazy.' - John Fugelsang

Business/Tech News

NASCAR Driver Says No To Flag
NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon supports the recent call by the racing association's chairman to further distance itself from the Confederate flag, saying he's "glad that it’s not out there anymore."

It's about heritage not hate!
KKK: What exactly is the difference between those two? - LOLGOP



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

The Sahara Desert. Those camels look like ants.


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