Wednesday, June 3, 2015

More Americans hold favorable view of George W. Bush than Barack Obama

More Americans hold favorable view of George W. Bush than Barack Obama
More Americans have a favorable view of former President George W. Bush than of President Barack Obama, a new CNN/ORC poll finds.

Officials near Dallas are reporting that torrential rain and recent flooding has started driving snakes to attack people. Wow, Texans don’t just read the Bible, they’re living it.- Seth Myers

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Jeb Bush is less popular than George W. Bush and Jeb hasn't even invaded Iraq or wrecked our economy yet.- LOLGOP

Meanwhile, Back In The USSR Ukraine
Ukrainian troops and pro-Russian separatists on Wednesday fought their first serious battles in months and Ukraine's defense minister said an attempt by rebels to take the eastern town of Maryinka had been thwarted.

Imagine sperm under a microscope all trying to get at one egg - that's the 2016 GOP field and evangelical voters. - Tina Dupuy

Republican Shenanigans

Republicans upset they have to deny fake news stories instead of confirming real stories like a GOP frontrunner defending a child molester.- LOLGOP

Bernie Is Not Afraid Of The GOP
Senator Bernie Sanders is trying to push for debates between the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates now, because, he says, the GOP is “getting away with murder” and they need to be called out on that.

They tell me U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders can't win b/c America won't vote for a Socialist Jew. I tell them America already celebrates a Socialist Jew every Dec 25.- John Fugelsang

Rock The Voter News

Lindsey Graham: "I don't use email."
Jeb Bush: "I don't use science."
Sarah Palin: "I don't use English."
- The Daily Edge

GOP Wants To Make It Easier For Yahoos To Get Guns
Lawmakers are bracing for a showdown on Capitol Hill over gun provisions in a bill to fund the Justice Department (DOJ).
House Republicans are seeking to roll back a number of controversial gun regulations from the Obama administration, but not without a fight from Democrats.

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If the Republican debates were held tomorrow, they'd be hilarious.- LOLGOP

Gay Marriage Now In Costa Rica
A Costa Rican judge has granted the first openly gay common-law marriage in Central America, said Francisco Madrigal, political affairs director for the Center for Research and Promotion of Human Rights in Central America (CIPAC).

Business/Tech News

The more twang a politicians voice has, the more they believe Jesus rode a dinosaur. -

Meanwhile In The UK
A Chinese company has been selected to help build the world's first artificial tidal lagoon to generate clean electricity for British homes, the company behind the project said Wednesday.

Officials from the soccer organization FIFA, which decides which cities get to host the World Cup, are accused of accepting bribes when making their decision. Of course the toughest part for the soccer officials was taking bribes without using their hands.- Jimmy Fallon



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Fly Geyser is a man-made small geothermal geyser located in Washoe County, Nevada. It was accidentally created by well drilling in 1964 exploring for sources of geothermal energy.


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