Monday, May 11, 2015

Republican presidential hopefuls intensify anti-terrorism message: ‘We will kill you’

Republican presidential hopefuls intensify anti-terrorism message: ‘We will kill you’
Ted Cruz bluntly remarked that a police officer who killed two gunmen who were likely inspired by the Islamic State helped them to “meet their virgins.” Bobby Jindal quipped that gun control means “hitting your target.” Marco Rubio quoted the violent action film “Taken” to describe his plan for defeating radical Islam.

Thank goodness Republicans don't have to deal with the problem of having to deal with a popular ex-president.- LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Knowing what he knows now, Jeb Bush would have still invaded Iraq, which makes you wonder WTF he knows now.- LOLGOP

Saudi King Slaps Obama With A Velvet Glove
Newly crowned Saudi King Salman has refused an invitation to attend a landmark summit hosted by President Barack Obama, amid angst over US-Iran nuclear negotiations.

People donating to Clinton Foundation to influence Hillary? Sinister!
People donating to SuperPACs to influence Republicans? Freedom!- Tea Party Cat

Republican Shenanigans

Jeb makes it official. 3 out of 3 Bushes agree that invading Iraq was a good thing.- Kona Lowell

Principal Goes On Racist Rant Then Blames It On The Devil
The graduation ceremony at a private school in Stone Mountain, Georgia sank into disarray after the school’s principal and founder clashed with the audience...

Conservatives are fierce defenders of your right to practice their religion.- LOLGOP

W looks as though he is wearing a yarmulke.

Rock The Voter News

Obama And Elizabeth Warren Disagree
“She’s absolutely wrong,” Barack Obama said, before I could even get the question out of my mouth.
He was talking about Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts senator and populist crusader whom Obama helped elevate to national prominence. Warren generally reserves her more acid critiques for Republicans and Wall Street, but in recent weeks she’s been leading a vocal coalition of leftist groups and lawmakers who oppose the president’s free-trade pact with 12 Asian countries.

Crazy that moms have only been able to vote for less than a century. We should make one president or something.- LOLGOP

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BREAKING: Obama announces military invades Texas as part of Jade Helm exercises, rounding up all Tea Partiers and giving their guns to ISIS.- Tea Party Cat

Business/Tech News

A conservative is someone who believes that regulations can only solve the poor eating and people having uteri.- LOLGOP

Virgin Atlantic Bows To Its Passengers
Virgin Atlantic last week launched its inaugural flight between Los Angeles and London on a 787 Dreamliner. The plane is chock-full of passenger amenities, including windows that dim with the touch of a button, a bar near the upper-class section and a wall of shelves near the middle of the plane that is stocked with free snacks and drinks.
A feature that won’t be found on most other planes is an area in the back of the 787 for shooting selfies.

In the future everything in your house will be connected to the Internet, except the exact device you're trying to use.- LOLGOP



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

A sculpture by Bruno Catalan.


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