Monday, May 25, 2015

I am getting old. A party I attended yesterday really tuckered me out.

So today's edition will be the party I attended.

Yesterday, it was my friend, Yvonne's 80th birthday. There was a surprise party for her.
Below is the moment she realized it was a surprise party.

Somebody has already made fun of my chicken legs. So go right ahead and laugh.

Angele held the party at her new home and job. She and her husband Jose are renovating and managing a lovely resort.

There are several rentals on the property. This is the common area.

Angele created a lovely spread. She  an served an appetizer of homemade tortilla chips, fried cheese, with salsa and guacamole dips.

Angele, Yvonne and Judy, who took  all these  beautiful pictures except this one.

One of the dishes was pineapple rice and shrimp.

The next dish was a creamy cheese, crab and shrimp fare served on a huge shell.

Then the sun started to set.

There were four expats at Yvonne's party...Yvonne, who is Swiss, Judy is from Iowa, Angele is from Quebec and me, from Florida.

Below is when Angele handed me a lovely tribute she had written to Yvonne because she was too emotional to read it.

Just last week, Yvonne and I got stuck on our way to Playas del Coco. Yvonne is quite the adventurous woman. We never made it to Coco.

Pura vida. Here's hoping we're all living life this well at 80.

So, tomorrow I will be back with a fresh edition of AHNC.

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