Thursday, April 2, 2015

Obama solves Iran Crisis

World powers, Iran reach framework for nuke deal
 After marathon negotiations, the United States, Iran and five other world powers announced a deal Thursday outlining limits on Iran's nuclear program so it cannot lead to atomic weapons, directing negotiators toward a comprehensive agreement within three months.

#ThingsJesusNeverSaid “Does this belted, burlap gown and sandals work with my blue eyes, white skin and blond hair?” - Mrs. Betty Bowers

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Weird. The guys who think 16 million Americans gaining health insurance is bad don't think a deal that could lead to peace is good.- LOLGOP

My favorite is when Republicans accuse Obama of peacemongering.- LOLGOP

California Is Trying To Ration Water. 
California Gov. Jerry Brown announced a sweeping executive order Wednesday that imposes mandatory water restrictions across the state as California copes with a historic drought and water shortage

Petraeus leaked secrets to a mistress and got zero jail time but Snowden has to spend the rest of his life in a Moscow airport Cinnabon.- John Fugelsang

Republican Shenanigans

GOP Fighting Over Legalized Casinos 
A bill to create two casino gambling "destination resorts" in south Florida divided the Republican-controlled statehouse on Thursday, with the expansion of craps, slot machines and high-stakes gaming opposed by family-oriented tourist attractions

The GOP is always looking for a Reagan, but they’re picking from two George W. Bushes.- LOLGOP

Rock The Voter News

# of Conservative groups actually forced to disclose donors & lose tax exempt status by Lois Lerner - Zero.  Still.- John Fugelsang

This Is How Low Conservatives Will Go
Michele Bachmann is now a private citizen, not a House lawmaker or presidential candidate, but she has still managed to find her way into the news with a provocative Facebook post likening President Obama to Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz. "With his Iran deal, Barack Obama is for the 300 million souls of the United States what Andreas Lubitz was for the 150 souls on the German Wings flight—a deranged pilot flying his entire nation into the rocks," 

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Castrate Pimps? A GOPer Suggests
A Nevada assemblywoman proposed "chemical castration or straight-up castration" of "pimps" as a solution for sex trafficking, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported on Tuesday.

A Facebook friend from Costa Rica posted this.

Business/Tech News

A new guide for airport security urges agents to look for whistling, recently shaved beards, and excessive yawning. Which I guess explains why I saw two TSA agents frisking each other.- Seth Myers

Walmart Finds A Way To Pay Lower Wages
Walmart is famous for keeping labor costs down inside its more than 5,000 brick-and-mortar U.S. stores. According to a new report from the AFL-CIO, the world's largest retailer may have found a way to save money on its tech workers in the U.S., too.

Subject: "I can't discuss...

Hi Lisa,

I think I saw this recently on AHNC: Saying I can't discuss climate change because "I'm not a scientist" is like saying I can't discuss Republicans because I'm not an asshole.

Great line!  Funny thing, though: you never hear a Republican say …

“I can’t discuss the economy because I’m not an economist.”

“I can’t discuss war because I’ve never been to war.”

"I can't discuss health care because I'm not a doctor."

“I can’t discuss food stamps because I’ve never been on food stamps.”

“I can’t discuss abortion because I’m not a woman.”

“I can’t discuss gay rights because I’m straight.”

But nooobody can venture an opinion on climate change.  Maybe they should try this line: “I can’t discuss bribery because I’ve never taken money from big corpor … oh wait.”

I’m waiting for Scott Walker to say, “I can’t discuss evolution because I never evolved.”  That will be one of those great days when a politician accidently tells the truth.

I'd like to see them all complete this sentence: "I can't discuss intelligence because ..."

Best wishes as always,

Haha, Rick! May I complete the sentence?  "I can't discuss intelligence because Obama and Freedumb!"


President Obama and his wife are going to Kenya. Donald Trump said, "While you're there, pick up your birth certificate."- David Letterman



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Glider selfie. Just beautiful!


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