Friday, April 10, 2015

Obama, Castro discuss ties

The Internet has been off since 7am. It just returned. Ah, life in the tropics. We've had high winds for days which isn't helping things. Mea culpa for any humor inconvenience .

Here are a few toons for you. 

U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro have talked by telephone about restoring diplomatic ties and are due to meet at a summit this weekend as they seek to set aside decades of hostility between two Cold War enemies.

Republican stupidity is funny in a sitcom. On the world stage, not so much.- Kona Lowell

White House photographer Pete Souza caught this incredible shot of President Obama departing Jamaica.

Yesterday President Obama traveled to Jamaica, where he will meet with students and Caribbean leaders. Jamaica's such a beautiful place, Obama says he can't wait to just take it all in, hold it for several seconds, and then exhale. - Jimmy Fallon

Rand Paul Walks Out
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) had yet another contentious interaction with the media on Friday when he reportedly walked out of an interview with The Guardian.

Conservatives have solutions to all the big problems like no one taking their guns and gay people trying to pay for pizza.- LOLGOP

Hillary Clinton to announce White House run on Sunday
The wait is almost over. Hillary Clinton will kick off her long-anticipated campaign for president on Sunday with a social-media announcement, three sources close to the campaign-to-be told POLITICO, and will begin her 2016 run for the presidency with a trip to Iowa.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today appeared on a talk show called "Pasta and Politics." It went so well that he’s agreed to go on “Meet the Garlic Press.”- Seth Myers


Best Wishes For A Lovely Weekend


Beautiful spiral clouds above South Georgia island.



  1. MAGA Go Trump! By the way, Hildabeast Lost and that dog? He is happy to be owned by a GOP Human. He get's steak, dog's love steak.