Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Indiana Pizzeria Says It Will Deny Service to LGBT People

Indiana Pizzeria Says It Will Deny Service to LGBT People
Catering pizza to your wedding guests might sound unconventional, but it does happen. Oh, does it happen.
But if you're gay and in Indiana, don't call Memories Pizzeria in Walkerton: They won't help you make your wedding memories. The owners of the family-run business say it will refuse to serve slices to gay or lesbian weddings, joining a chorus of those who cite opposition to marriage equality in support of their state's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Scariest words in the English language: I'm George Bush's son and I have ideas on how to improve the economy. - LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

A lot of people were angry at the way Netanyahu won this election. They said it was racist that he said, at the last minute, 'Arab voters are coming out in droves to the polls.' And, I guess that is racist in the strictest sense, he’s bringing race into the equation. But, first of all, like Reagan didn’t win races with racism? Or Nixon? Or Bush? Like, they didn’t play the race card?” – Bill Maher

Republican Governor In Arkansas Won'T Sign Religious Freedom Act. No This Is Not An April Fool's Joke.
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) said on Wednesday he would not yet sign a controversial religious freedom act into law, requesting that the state legislature make changes to the bill in the wake of criticism that the legislation could be used to facilitate discrimination against LGBT citizens and other groups.

Easter. An annual reminder that you can't keep a good Social Justice Warrior down.- LOLGOP

Republican Shenanigans

Jeb Bush wants you to know he totally supports Mike Pence's antigay bill that Pence now says needs to be fixed.- John Fugelsang

The Anti-Choice Bullies Are Back
Once again, Arizona finds itself on the frontier of anti-abortion legislation: Late Monday, it became the first state to pass a law requiring doctors who perform drug-induced abortions to tell women that the procedure may be reversible, an assertion that most doctors say is wrong.

"Americans now say they’d be willing to saddle a female president with blame for everything from a stagnant economy to interminable wars in the Middle East."- The Onion

Rock The Voter News

“40% of homicides go unsolved. You know, it’s not a very good record. And, also, 95% of convictions in America come from plea bargaining, which is often coerced. It’s like we have the worst of both worlds. We don’t convict the guilty enough, and we coerce the innocent too much.” – Bill Maher

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Big Gay is so powerful that it only took them 239 years to get the some of the same rights as straight people in some of the states.- Tea Party Cat

Charged with same crime, Iowa paper shows black suspects’ mug shots but whites get yearbook pics
 Iowa newspaper is accused of pro-white bias after it handled the same alleged crime between two different sets of suspects in radically different ways.

Business/Tech News

Google has received a patent for air bags and bumpers for the outside of a car to protect pedestrians. The material has a similar consistency to the memory foam they make beds and pillows out of. So in the future, getting run over is going to be a lot more comfortable.- Jimmy Kimmel

Kansas Is Going To Raise Taxes Because They Lowered Taxes
 Kansas collected $11 million less in taxes than expected this month, and top Republican legislators acknowledged Tuesday that they'll be forced to consider larger tax increases than anticipated to balance the state budget.

“I can’t stay mad at Pope Frank. I just can’t. It’s a funny situation that I like the pope and Mel Gibson doesn’t.” – Bill Maher


I can dream, can't I?


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Terry W. Virts ‏@AstroTerry Tweeted from Outer Space:
Looking down into the eye - by far the widest one I’ve seen.  It seemed like a black hole from a Sci-Fi movie #Maysak . Photo taken 5:30am on 4-1-2015


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