Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Conservatives Dance On Grave Of ISIL Hostage: 'Jew-Hating, Anti-Israel B**ch'

Not all conservatives used the death of American hostage Kayla Mueller to highlight the brutality of the Islamic State — some decided to focus their disgust on the 26-year-old's humanitarian work for Palestinians.

Laura Bush's memoir tells the inspiring American story of a Librarian who married an illiterate. - John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

"After a quick meet-and-greet with King Abdullah, Obama was off to Israel, where he made a quick stop at the manger in Bethlehem where he was born.'' –Jon Stewart, on Barack Obama's first Middle East trip

Afghanistan Wants U.S. To Stay For A Little Bit Longer
President Barack Obama is considering a request from Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to slow the pace of the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, a senior administration official said on Wednesday.

Boehner Strategy: Curse At Democrats
House Speaker John Boehner challenged Senate Democrats Wednesday to "get off their ass" and pass a bill to fund the Homeland Security Department and restrict President Barack Obama's executive moves on immigration.

Republican Shenanigans

The Sunshine State. Not So Much.
Newspapers across Florida have agreed to join the lawsuit that accuses Gov. Rick Scott and the Cabinet of violating Florida's open meetings law in advance of the forced resignation of former FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey. Sarasota lawyer Andrea Flynn Mogensen confirmed Monday that a number of papers would join the litigation in an amended complaint expected to be filed later this week. "There's been an influx of interest," Mogensen said

"You have to remember one thing about the will of the people: it wasn't that long ago that we were swept away by the Macarena." –Jon Stewart

Rock The Voter News

What Will Jon Stewart Do After THE DAILY SHOW?
Jon Stewart, who turned his combination of biting and free-wheeling humor into an unlikely source of news and analysis for viewers of "The Daily Show," said he's leaving as host this year.

Jon Stewart to leave Daily Show, run for governor of New Jersey against Chris Christie on platform of not being a petty, spiteful ass.- Tea Party Cat

In Just 90 Seconds, Penn And Teller Destroy Anti-Vaxxers’ Arguments 

"Go and make disciples of all nations." - Jesus Christ, community organizer.

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"One of the most elemental human rights [is] the right to belong to a free trade union."- Ronald Reagan, filthy socialist. - John Fugelsang

Business/Tech News

"The internet is just a world passing notes around a classroom" - Jon Stewart

Target Loses Lawsuit
 Target has agreed to pay nearly $4 million to settle a lawsuit filed by Northern California prosecutors that alleged the retailer charged higher prices than advertised, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Remember when Republicans were so upset about Ebola that they tried to take health insurance from millions of people?- LOLGOP



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Lake McDonald, Montana, USA.


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