Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sen. Graham Gifts Ernst A Castration Device On First Day As A Senator

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) gave newly elected Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) a plaque with a livestock castration device on her first day in office.

After seeing the bull castration device given to Sen. Joni Ernst by Sen. Lindsey Graham, I couldn't help but think -- Republicans always have sex on their minds.

Insanity is electing John Boehner Speaker of House over and over and expecting different results.
Or any results. - Top Conservative Cat

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Hey, Remember The U.S. Soldiers That Are Still In Iraq?
The 320 U.S. soldiers and Marines at Al Asad air base in western Iraq have been coming under "regular" mortar fire from insurgent forces for several weeks, Defense Department spokesman Col. Steve Warren told reporters Monday.
While Warren insisted that the attacks have been "wholly ineffective" and "no U.S. personnel, no U.S. equipment have been impacted in any way," this was the first time that the Pentagon acknowledged that the 2,100 U.S. troops in Iraq have been in danger since deploying late last year.

The World Is A Dangerous Place
Heavily armed gunmen shouting Islamist slogans stormed a Paris satirical newspaper office Wednesday and shot dead at least 12 people in the deadliest attack in France in four decades.

You can't kill satire. You can only prove its point. - LOLGOP

Republican Shenanigans

Why is Google showing no results for "John Boehner accomplishments"? - Top Conservative Cat

Bada Bing: Gov. Christie Busy Alienating Future Voters
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) is already in hot water with his state's football fans after he was shown hugging Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones following the NFL team's playoff win last weekend.

Now the potential 2016 contender may have offended Philadelphia residents, too.

Former Republican governor Bob McDonnell to star in next season of MSNBC's Lockup.- LOLGOP

Rock The Voter News

USA: There Are More Prisoners Than College Students
There were 2.3 million prisoners in the U.S. as of the 2010 Census. It's often been remarked that our national incarceration rate of 707 adults per every 100,000 residents is the highest in the world, by a huge margin.

1. Conservatives whine about Boehner
2. Fail to unite alternative
3. Cut food stamps
4. Blame Boehner for not cutting more food stamps

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Republicans Are Coming For Your Social Security. They're Really On A Mission.

Republican opponents of Social Security have not wasted even a single day in their plan to dismantle Social Security brick by brick. What should be a dry, mundane exercise -- the adoption of new rules by the newly convening House of Representatives -- has turned into a stealth attack on America's working families.

Business/Tech News

Spend 2 hours in the right Wal-Mart & you'll stop believing in evolution.- John Fugelsang

Payback's A Bitch
John Boehner moved quickly to punish fellow Republicans who voted against his re-election for House Speaker.

Speaker Boehner to punish defectors he'll begging for votes in a few months.- LOLGOP



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

In 1959, Volvo invented the 3-point seat belt, then gave free license to all other car manufacturers to use it.


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