Friday, December 12, 2014

George H.W. Bush defends CIA, silent on son’s role

George H.W. Bush defends CIA, silent on son’s role
The 90-year-old father of George W. Bush felt 'compelled' to defend the agency in the face of criticism over the interrogation of terror suspects after September 11th. The 41st President didn't address his son's decision to sanction the enhanced interrogation techniques, under scrutiny after the release of a Senate report.

I see conservatives are still putting the Christ in "Christ, Cheney is on TV defending torture again."- LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Ronald Reagan signed a ban on torture. Who lets a guy like that into the Party of Reagan?- John Fugelsang

Merkel Denounces Right Wing Racists
Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned a series of anti-Muslim demonstrations centered on the eastern city of Dresden, saying via an aide on Friday that there was "no place in Germany" for hatred of Muslims or any other religious or racial group.

1984: If Libs say trickledown will ruin middle-class in 30 years, call em Commies. 2014: If middle-class ruined, blame Libs.- John Fugelsang

Republican Shenanigans

George W. Bush's Latest Masterpiece

Dick Cheney is a constant reminder that George Bush's greatest accomplishment was not dying in office. - John Fugelsang

Republicans Sure Have Memory Problems
 Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker has said he doesn't remember sending a letter about a menorah that is signed, "Thank you and Molotov."

Dick Cheney is the kind of guy that chuckles quietly while reading the Book of Job.- John Fugelsang

Rock The Voter News

Next up on Fox News: Rain in San Francisco ends year of drought, proving that climate change is all a hoax.- Top Conservative Cat

Judge Sides With Protesters
A federal judge on Thursday ordered St. Louis area police to issue warnings and give crowds reasonable time disperse before firing tear gas, following complaints by activists over heavy-handed police tactics during ongoing race-related protests.

Good thing America has learned its lesson and will never approve another limitless war in the Middle East. Oh... Going to cry for hours.- LOLGOP

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Catty Racism In Hollywood
Oscar-winning producer Scott Rudin apologized Thursday for calling Angelina Jolie a "spoiled brat" and making racially offensive jokes about President Obama's presumed taste in movies.

Jeb has the Bush name, Romney's portfolio and Rubio's squishiness on immigration.
It's like they built him from junked parts.- LOLGOP

Business/Tech News

"Apparently the president had a sore threat. His doctor said he needs Zantac. Sadly, that's actually the best news President Obama's gotten in a very long time." –Jimmy Kimmel

Meanwhile, China Loves Central America
With ambitious plans for a canal through Nicaragua and a Honduran hydroelectric dam, Chinese firms are increasingly testing the waters in Central America, a region long considered the United States' backyard.

Willie Nelson is 81 so somebody PLEASE warn him that all that weed's eventually gonna lead him directly to crack.- John Fugelsang


Sunday, December 14, 2014 will be AHNC's 14th Anniversary!


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The Great Wall of China.


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