Friday, November 28, 2014

Not all American are turkeys.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I sure did and topped it with cranberry sauce.

I watched the Detroit Lions shame the Chicago Bears, but Detroit needs every uplifting moment it can get these days. So, I suspect Detroit felt a little thankful yesterday.

I did miss sweet potatoes. Fresh sweet potatoes, buttered. Excuse me, I drifted off for a moment. Thanksgiving does that to me.

Power was on and off so I wrote this column, with pictures, instead of my standard fare.

We all should be thankful we have such a vast world to live in, whether physically or online. I said many years ago that I felt the Internet would make the world a smaller and more peaceful place. I still believe that, and more than ever.

Ferguson, for example. Why did Ferguson grasp our attention? The Internet, baby.

It went viral because of the fact, an unarmed black teen was shot by a white cop, again. Wham, pictures, videos, everything was online a couple of clicks away within hours after it happened. And it was with lightning speed IF you have a fast connection.

 You bet your sweet red, white and blue ass.

It is the ultimate FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Even though our naive media lost their way after Fox News burst on the scene in 1996 and coincidentally, President Clinton was impeached a couple of years later, right in time for the 2000 election.

Those bastards have taken over the mainstream media. Even though it's troublesome to admit it, Sarah Palin is right about one thing, it is a lame stream media.

Ferguson ripped my heart. Seeing another unarmed young man shot down and with real time visuals.

If there ever was a face that was in need to portray a white racist cop in DELIVERANCE, Darren Wilson is your guy, impromptu dialog included, the original backwoods Pillsbury doughboy.

Well, kiddoes there's another slaughter out there. Surveillance video released on Wednesday showed that the boy, Tamir Rice, was shot last weekend only seconds after two officers arrived in a patrol car at a Cleveland, Ohio park.

What 12 year old doesn't wave a gun around?  Gee, do you think he learned it from TeeVee, video games, or movies? Like ALL kids, 12 year olds wave guns, no matter the color.

BUT because the kid was black, these big, brave, "well trained cops" pull up and execute this kid in under 2 seconds.

If cops are so afraid of blacks, what does that say about them?

Where in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence does it say police can be judge, jury and executioner?  Huh, Sarah Palin? Or Any friggin Republican??

This madness must stop.

The Justice Dept will act. I believe that in my heart of hearts.

QUESTION: Why do these racist shootings 
only happen in America 
and not in other civilized countries?

Drum roll.............the answer is............ Europe for example, they use their non racist brains instead of their guns.

Imagine Darren Bubba Wilson, having to deal with a huge Muslim neighborhood as in the UK.

Where do I collect my prize for the correct answer?

And remember, it is not only blacks that suffer at the hands of MOST of the U.S. police, it is all people who are not white.

This could be Obama's finest moment, making those accountable for shooting unarmed children, teens, men and women of color.

In reality, you can't take the "racist" out of people, but you can make them accountable.

Last I heard, all men are created equal in the United States of America..

Peace, only if we join hands.



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