Friday, November 21, 2014


Wow....what a day I had...all good but I was no where near my computer.

Life is tough without a car, so I have to depend on the kindness of my amigos to attend to my needs.

I spent the day in lovely Tamarindo (I was only supposed to be there for a couple of hours) and one thing turned into another and I just arrived home.

I must say that I had the best Italian treat, a vanilla and chocolate gelato, encrusted with crispy lady fingers made by a lovely, lively Sicilian woman named Gea. All courtesy of my Swiss friend, Yvonne.  Yes, I am in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, where everyone is from everywhere.

God, I love this country.

We stopped at Auto Mercado, a very Americanized grocery store, to shop for groceries. This is my favorite market in Costa Rica and I rarely go there, mainly because I don't have transportation. Their French bread is the best, in fact all their bakery goods are to die for.

Yvonne filled the grocery cart with all my favorites and insisted on paying for it.

She knew I lost my debit card last week (Chemo brain) and also knew that I wouldn't have access to my new card for a couple of weeks.

My landlord Angele, a French Canadian and Yvonne's best friend, has been feeding me since I lost my card. Double bless her heart, both their hearts.

This is what I love about this country, people are so understanding of difficult times and embrace the motto of Costa Rica...Pura Vida...Pure Life.

I hope you will understand me for not posting today.

Pura Vida.

The Sicilian treat plus Yvonne's feet.

 This is Yvonne. She was a Swiss nurse that took care of our boys in Vietnam. A national treasure in my humble opinion.

Peace to all.

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