Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I've met two types of Veterans...

Today we honor American veterans for their service during wars throughout our nation's history. But if your idea of an American veteran doesn't include those who fought for freedom under different flags, you may be overlooking some of the hardest-fighting soldiers of all.

Our own Veterans are from all over this big beautiful world we live in. How cool is that?

Apparently pointing out how sh*tty some vets have it is a great way to be called names by adults who claim to care about vets.- John Fugelsang

In One Felled Swoop, China Slaps Putin With A Velvet Glove
It was a fleeting moment, but one that Chinese censors were quick to snuff out.
At an APEC event to watch the fireworks in Beijing on Monday night, Russian President Vladimir Putin created a few of his own by slipping a shawl over the shoulders of Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

FORTUNE COOKIE: May your Katrinas be like Obama's and not Bush's, that way no one will get Ebola and 10 million people will gain insurance.- LOLGOP

I found this related items notice on Facebook. Compare Obama and Bush's likes. How the hell did the Republicans win? The Democrats should have compared Bush to Obama in the last election. 

"Net Neutrality Is Obamacare For The Internet" - proving that Ted Cruz is the Abraham Lincoln of Sarah Palins.- John Fugelsang

Full Access Internet Is Essential As Water. I Agree With That Wholeheartedly. I'd Curl Up And Die Without It!
President Obama on Monday called for the government to aggressively regulate Internet service providers such as Verizon and Comcast, treating broadband like a public utility as essential as water, phone service and electricity.


People against Net Neutrality either a) don’t know what it is, or b) have their net worth determined by telecom stocks.- Jay Frosting Tweet

Startling Photos Of What We Are Doing To Our Beautiful Planet
“Mind the Earth,” an upcoming exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre, is a carefully curated exhibition of stunning yet terrifying Google Earth images that offer stark photographic evidence of urban change and environmental destruction over time on the ever-changing face of the planet.

For as much as we claim to support vets, this country has a long history of ignoring them after their service.- John Fugelsang

 Click here for The Charmed Time

I wonder how much Republicans spent flying George W. Bush around to campaign stops.- LOLGOP

Meet Our Veteran Presidents
On Veterans Day, Constitution Daily looks at 10 Presidents who had first-hand experience serving in the military before they were elected to office and became commanders in chief.

Weird. The people who want us to pay for big oil's pollution and big bank's risks want us to pay for big cable's internet toll booth.- LOLGOP

I have a shortened issue today due to shortened time. Life here is pura vida (pure life) and few are in a rush. I quite like that.


Of our favorite draft dodgers -- Rush, Trump & Cheney -- only Dick never divorced. And he's the only one who supports same-sex marriage.- LOLGOP

Information desk, Trans World Airlines Terminal, John F. Kennedy Airport, New York, New York, between 1956-6.

Peace through art.

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