Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to the best fans in the world!

Thanksgiving morning in Costa Rica. The cows broke through the fence and were eating the plants.
Luna was furious!

My landlord's dog is taking control of the situation.

My landlord's hombre scares the rest of the cows away!

REMEMBER: If the Native Americans could have a peaceful Thanksgiving with some undocumented immigrants, your family should be fine. - LOLGOP

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who still thinks it's safe to mix Tryptophan, alcohol & relatives.- John Fugelsang

Grateful that 10.3 million Americans have gained health insurance this year and that only 18% of them are named Duggar.- LOLGOP

Parades are always a cheerful reminder that television and the internet have not always existed.- LOLGOP

Pro-Thanks, pro-giving. - John Fugelsang

A replica of the Mayflower sails into New York Harbor November, 1957.

Best wishes to all for a peaceful Thanksgiving.

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