Friday, October 10, 2014

Conservative icon: Obama wants Americans to die from Ebola in order to make US more like Africa

Conservative icon: Obama wants Americans to die from Ebola in order to make US more like Africa
In an interview with World Net Daily’s Paul Bremmer, conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly claimed that President Barack Obama is allowing people infected with Ebola to enter the United States in order to make the country more like Africa, Right Wing Watch reports.

People who hate minorities really don't like that they're becoming one.- John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Sorry, Bill O’Reilly, but they gave Patrick Modiano the Nobel Prize in Literature. Maybe next year.- Top Conservative Cat

Spain To Train Iraqi Troops
Spain says it plans to send 300 soldiers to help train the Iraqi army for combat against the Islamic State group.


83 Americans die each day of gun violence.

0 die of gay marriage, voting without an ID or access to birth control.- LOLGOP

GOP Finally Approves Ebola Funds
Republican U.S. Senator James Inhofe said on Friday he has approved a shift of $750 million in Defense Department war funds to fight Ebola in West Africa, lifting the final objections to that amount in Congress.

"It's interesting that in spite of all of Russia's troubles, Putin has an 80 percent approval rating, which I guess is something that happens when your pollsters carry machine guns." –Jimmy Kimmel

Republican Shenanigans

The Koch Brothers Performed By The Motch Brothers

Keep picturing Fox News showing a map of Ebola spreading...

"That's actually same-sex marriage, Brett."


Thrilla In Wasilla Just A Drunken Palin Family Brawl. No Charges. Hatfields and McCoys Object.
Prosecutors won't proceed with charges in a brawl that involved several members of the Palin family, Anchorage police said Thursday.

The news comes as Anchorage police released reports Thursday morning outlining witness statements in the fight.

"Scientists are suggesting that Pluto should be considered a planet again eight years after it was classified as a dwarf planet — and Americans are suggesting that scientists cut the crap about Pluto and figure out how to stop Ebola." –Seth Meyers

The GOP's "Prove you're not in ISIS!" gambit is perhaps their finest act of Latino outreach.- LOLGOP

Boehner: Guantanamo To Stay Open
House Speaker John Boehner aggressively attacked President Barack Obama after the Wall Street Journal reported Friday the White House is "drafting options" to "overrid[e] a congressional ban" and shut down the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay.

Rock The Voter News

Here's My Voter Outreach To My Beloved Latino Community

A new study estimates that only 3.4 percent of Americans will vote in the midterm elections next month. But on the bright side, 100 percent will still complain about the results.- Jimmy Fallon

Unemployment claims hit 8-year low as Americans hire security squads to protect them from rampant gay marriage.- LOLGOP

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Give a Republican a fish and he'll think he learned how to fish. Teach him to fish and he'll call you socialist.- LOLGOP

Business/Tech News

I Just Love Katy Perry. She's Got Chutzpah.
Pop star Katy Perry will be the halftime performer at Super Bowl XLIX, according to multiple reports...the NFL was looking for artists to pay up to perform at the game, which draws massive ratings...
Perry, in an appearance on ESPN's "College GameDay" on Saturday, said she's "not the kind of girl to pay to play the Super Bowl."

Karma means that shallow young people who mock old folks will one day be bitter old folks who can't stand young people.- John Fugelsang

If the minimum wage kept up with inflation and productivity, Republicans would be piiiiiiiisssssssed. - LOLGOP


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