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Republican Politician Is President Of Florida State University

John Thrasher has held a lot of positions in his life: speaker of the Florida House, chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, lobbyist, chairman of Rick Scott's reelection campaign, and current state senator.

Why does this feel like the eventual privatization of a public university?

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Thank god we're bombing #Khorasan cuz they're SO much worse than Isis! Even tho 2 days ago I thought Khorosan was a restaurant in Brentwood. - Bill Maher

Conservatives Salute Obama With The Middle Finger
President Obama disembarked from Marine One on Tuesday and saluted two Marines with a paper cup in his hand. For conservative talking heads the salute, which was captured in a video that the White House posted to its Instagram account, was proof positive of Obama's disregard for the military, ignorance of protocol, and general disrespect for the uniform.

This Is The Correct Way A President Salutes!

The House GOP won't come back to vote on war but Darrell Issa has already held 3 hearings about the president's latte salute.- LOLGOP

I live in a country where sophistication is measured by how many words it takes to pronounce one's coffee beverage.- John Fugelsang

Subject: No More WAR!

War is wrong. Obama is basically funneling money into the military industrial complex as every president has for decades.
Bombing innocent people only makes enemies.
We should not be the world's policeman. I know your favor helping Iraq but how can you feel that way?
I love your site anyway. :)

Thanks for writing, Andrew. I hear you. I hate war too.

As far as the military industrial complex, I feel we spend and waste too much on defense, and we need to reform our campaign finance laws limiting lobbyists access, to even begin to address that problem. 

I see it this way concerning ISIS. It is a dangerous world out there and we really do have mortal enemies. If we weren't the world's policeman, who would fill the vacuum? Putin? China?

Obama got us out of Iraq. He stayed out of the Syrian War for over three years.

I believe ISIS would love to strike Europe and the U.S. and have no doubt they are actively trying to do so.

The U.S. getting involved with Arab allies will probably help the situation greatly, and probably more lives will be saved from ISIS than lost by helping to stop ISIS. 

It is quite an extraordinary moment in history to have this level of cooperation from the neighboring Arab countries, but they know the danger ISIS presents.

ISIS is pure barbarianism, as the videos they release have shown.

If we completely pulled out of Iraq, what would happen?

Would Iran move in and snatch Iraq as Putin snatched Crimea and is actively trying to snatch eastern Ukraine? Or would Saudi Arabia, one of the largest buyers of U.S. weaponry, snatch Iraq?
Would Turkey grab Northern Iraq?

What I am trying to say is we created the problem by putting Bush the lesser in office who made this mess.

I feel we have an obligation to help.

The problem is old time religion, and in this case Sunni versus Shia since the beginning of Islam. Sunnis make up about 85% of the Muslim religion.

It reminds me of when the Church of England was formed, they broke away from the Catholic church and all these other Christian sects were formed, before during and after.

Osama bin Laden was an extremist Sunni. Saddam was a bit more moderate Sunni.

In the U.S. our Sunni extremist equivalent is the dumbing down of the masses
through televangelism, you know, the crowd who hates government and thinks there is a war on Christmas. Thank God they're not as organized or well funded as ISIS. But then again FOX News sure echoes their cause.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has compiled a list of domestic terrorism since Timothy McVeigh blew up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma.

Now they are in our government a.k.a. The Republican Party/Tea Party or in my view, America's Taliban.

Obama is not only fighting ISIS, who are Sunnis, but he is fighting the Christian right on a daily basis with members of Congress , and on the airwaves and cable systems throughout the country.

If the Christian right got control of the presidency, the Middle East would be their Armageddon and Holocaust wrapped into one. Our last president said Jesus was his favorite political philosopher, and look at the mess he made, much worse than what Saddam's WMDs, had done.

I can envision President Ted Cruz rallying the troops in his crusader uniform.

The only American boots on the ground I want to see are on Arab feet, to paraphrase John Fugelsang.  And I think Arabs feel the same.

And to think it took a Kenyan Muslim to unite the Middle East against ISIS.


There were some major security issues at the White House over the weekend. On Friday, a guy got to the front doors of the White House, and on Saturday another guy jumped over the White House fence. Officials are wondering why it's so easy to get in, while Obama is wondering why it's so hard to get out. -Jimmy Fallon

Republican Shenanigans

The Future Of Florida: Scott or Crist?
Months of mud-slinging by Florida Governor Rick Scott and former Governor Charlie Crist have made voters distrust both men in a hot race that is too close to call, according to a new poll released Wednesday.

Sign outside NH school: "God is allowed here." I'm sure the almighty is relieved.- John Fugelsang

How Not To Appeal To Women: Republican Ad Compares Obama To Abusive Boyfriend
The conservative group Americans for Shared Prosperity released an advertisement in which it compared President Barack Obama to a shiftless, abusive boyfriend.

The militant group ISIS today released a new audio clip mocking American politicians, including John Kerry and John McCain. And Americans are really upset because they released it directly into everybody’s iTunes account.- Seth Myers

Obama: We welcome scrutiny in the United States. In fact, there's a whole news channel devoted to me playing golf.- LOLGOP

Ferguson Unrest
A memorial to Michael Brown, the unarmed black teen shot by police in Ferguson, Mo., burned, and a community still gripped by mistrust again burst into violence.

Rock The Voter News


Mendocino Mercenaries?
They wear camouflaged uniforms, bearing military-style insignia. They ride helicopters into the redwood forests of Mendocino County, Calif., on the state's north coast, equipped with firearms, where they cut down illegal marijuana grows. But they aren't the army. They aren't even the police. They are Lear Asset Management, a private security firm that is attracting a lot of attention for what the work it's doing -- and even perhaps some work it hasn't done

The guys who think someone else using birth control hurts their religious freedom want to make sure that everyone condemns Islam as violent.- LOLGOP

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The situation in the NFL is awful. It's gotten so bad that even the Redskins want to change the commissioner's name.- David Letterman

Business/Tech News

Of COURSE American workers get sick leave, foreign allies!   If you're sick, you leave.- John Fugelsang

So How's Nuclear Power Going In Japan?
"Don't forget Fukushima" was the message Tuesday morning as roughly 16,000 people gathered in downtown Tokyo to protest the restart of Japan's nuclear power plants.

The demonstration, held outside the official residence of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, came a day after the government outlined plans to restart two reactors at the Sendai nuclear plant in southern Japan at a five-day meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Jiji News reports.

A REALIZATION YOU SHOULD HAVE NOW, NOT WHEN MIAMI'S GONE: Maybe we shouldn't have funded a party that completely rejected climate science.- LOLGOP

Ashton Kutcher announces remake of 'Citizen Kane' called 'Dude, Where's My Sled?'- John Fugelsang


I love AHNC viewers. Some of you have stuck with me since AHNC began on Dec. 14, 2000. That's amazing! Thank you.


Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Port Blanc at sunset. Quiberon, Brittany France.


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