Monday, September 22, 2014

New York climate march draws hundreds of thousands

New York climate march draws hundreds of thousands
 An international day of action on climate change brought hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets of New York City on Sunday, easily exceeding organizers' hopes for the largest protest on the issue in history.

If you actually cared about secure borders, you'd probably stop encouraging the oceans to invade us.- LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

If Climate Change were as bad as you say, the GOP would have voted to repeal it 50 times by now.-Top Conservative Cat

Imagine If Vietnam Veterans Had This When They Returned From War
Colorado businesses joined together over the weekend to distribute free medical marijuana and pot-infused products to military veterans, reports CBS Denver.

During President Obama’s visit to an elementary school yesterday, one little boy actually asked him if he ever fought in the Civil War. Obama told the boy he did not, but he re-enacts it with Congress all the time.- Jimmy Fallon

Uninvited White House Guest
The Texas man accused of breaking into the White House while armed with a knife is a U.S. military veteran who was decorated for his service in the Iraq war, the U.S. Army said on Sunday.

The official GOP position on domestic violence is that the Founding Fathers didn’t care, so it would be un-American for us to.-Top Conservative Cat

Republican Shenanigans

The worst part of hating ppl on food stamps is that if you ever hit hard times the only ppl who care abt you are those damn liberals.- John Fugelsang

FOX NEWS: The Demons Are Coming!
Fox News contributor Father Jonathan Morris on Sunday called for officials in Oklahoma City to shut down a Satanic black mass because he said worshippers were "inciting violence" by mocking Christians.

"The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government." - Thomas Jefferson

Rock The Voter News

A recent report says the majority of Americans cannot name the three branches of government — Judicial, Executive, and Legislative. To make it easier, the government is renaming those branches Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney.- Conan O'Brien

Washing Off The Oil
John D. Rockefeller built a vast fortune on oil. Now his heirs are abandoning fossil fuels.

The family whose legendary wealth flowed from Standard Oil is planning to announce on Monday that its $860 million philanthropic organization, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, is joining the divestment movement that began a couple years ago on college campuses.

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We just had the hottest summer on record, which is why the House GOP is united in its effort to ban records.- LOLGOP

Baseball Fanatic Says Football Bad
Conservative columnist George Will on Sunday asserted that recent domestic violence scandals in the National Football League (NFL) would not force change as long as the business model was "consciously" merchandising violence.

A man was arrested yesterday after the garbage bag he was carrying split open and a human head fell out. If he’s convicted, the man could receive a two-week suspension from the NFL.- Seth Myers

Business/Tech News

If climate change were real, don’t you think the Koch brothers would do stop it so their money doesn’t get too hot?-Top Conservative Cat

Protesters On Wall Street 
Hundreds of protesters plan to risk arrest on Monday during an unsanctioned blockade in New York City's financial district to call attention to what organizers say is Wall Street's contribution to climate change.

The Islamic State is releasing its own "Grand Theft Auto" style of video game. In their version, the worse crime you can commit is letting a woman drive the car.- Conan O'Brien



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