Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dick Cheney warns House Republicans US military 'unprepared' to take on ISIS

Dick Cheney warns House Republicans US military 'unprepared' to take on ISIS
The former Vice President slammed President Obama's strategy for dealing with ISIS, blaming Obama’s isolationism tendencies for the rise of militants in Iraq and Syria.

Republicans still take advice on Iraq from Dick Cheney, which is like getting advice on containing Ebola from Ebola.- LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

The problem with the American Congress isn't a Confederacy of Dunces, it's the Dunces of the Confederacy.- John Fugelsang

Obama On Prime Time Tonight. Uh Oh.
President Barack Obama will deliver a prime-time address to the nation Wednesday to discuss his plans for expanding U.S. efforts to confront militants in Iraq and Syria.

The White House has decided not to send President Obama to campaign in battleground states because his low approval ratings could hurt Democrats. They’re only sending him where he can’t do any damage — or as that’s also known, “The Biden Circuit.”- Jimmy Fallon

This video is so cool.

Republican Shenanigans

The GOP has divebombed Obama's presidency, opposing and scandalizing everything. 

The result: He has a 9% popularity gap. Their gap is 51%. - LOLGOP

New Jersey Credit Tanking
New Jersey’s bond rating was downgraded Friday, its second downgrade this year and the seventh since Gov. Chris Christie (R) took office, a state record.

With his seventh credit downgrade for New Jersey, Chris Christie is now damaged enough to be the GOP's 2016 nominee. - LOLGOP

Rock The Voter News

Beheaded Journalist's Family Speak Out
A spokesman for the family of murdered U.S. journalist Steven Joel Sotloff said Monday that the relationship between the family and the Obama administration was "very strained" while criticizing the administration for its treatment of the family during the ordeal.

The Gospel of Matthew has Jesus' family fleeing Herod's massacre & raising him in Egypt; which kinda makes JC an undocumented immigrant.- John Fugelsang

Ferguson City Leaders Meet
City leaders in Ferguson, Missouri, on Tuesday will hold their first public meeting since last month's fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer that ignited nights of unrest in the St. Louis suburb.

Congress returned today after a 5-week recess and will put in a full 2 weeks before their next vacation. - Top Conservative Cat

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"Apple plans to launch a mobile wallet to replace credit cards. That's good because if there's one company you want to trust with your money, it's the company that leaked your nude photos." –Conan O'Brien

Business/Tech News

I'm furious about US jobs being sent to China & I can't wait to tweet about it on my new Apple Iphone 6.- John Fugelsang

Starbucks has a new business plan. Starbucks is planning to open about 100 new upscale coffee shops with more expensive coffee. It's for customers who feel that the regular Starbucks prices are too reasonable, I guess.- Jimmy Kimmel

Hemingway's Grandsons In Cuba
COJIMAR, Cuba – Just like Ernest Hemingway used to do, two of his grandsons sailed into the fishing town of Cojimar on Monday, marking 60 years since the iconic U.S. author won the Nobel prize.

I was watching "Sunday Night Football" and I hit the info button on the remote control. It said, "Auditions for 'America's Most Wanted.'"- Conan O'Brien


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Machu Picchu, Peru.


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