Sunday, June 1, 2014


My house was foreclosed on

I feel as though I have lost a best friend. I really loved the peace and quiet of Ashford Manor.

I first found out about the pending foreclosure March 21, 2013. My renter, Frank, called me here in Costa Rica saying he had he received the notice at Ashford Manor. I was horrified.

According to Frank, who was supposed to pay the mortgage to the bank, said the money had not been deposited for almost a year. He claimed his girlfriend kept the cash instead of depositing it.

Scared and frustrated I contacted my son to see if he could help by giving him Power of Attorney, listing the house and selling it fast before it foreclosed.

He said he was too busy with his new job to help me. Sigh.

I was in Costa Rica, unable to leave, unable to hire a state side attorney, even unable to make costly overseas calls, so I notified the Houston County Sheriff Dept and told them what happened plus the identity theft Frank said his girlfriend had committed, impersonating me at the bank and opening credit card accounts. I never had a response back from the Sheriff’s office. Nice, huh.

I also notified the bank. They contacted me twice by this highly secure email. They never responded to my other emails.

In the meantime, Frank moved from my house and I have not heard from him since February.

I decided to run local craigslist ads, etc…no bites on the house and I was nearly giving it away.

Well, about 18 days ago I get an email from someone interested in buying my home! She had contacted the bank and found the house had not gone into foreclosure yet and that they wanted to buy it from me. BUT, the foreclosure documents were going to be signed in the next few days so we had to move fast.
WIN WIN. I was soooo happy and relieved.

But I still had the same problems over negotiating this from overseas and needed stateside help. The bank never notified me about the foreclosure btw.

I contacted my son again hoping for his help by giving him Power of Attorney. He responded saying he would help. Yea!

I also contacted my goddaughter who just moved to the area, about an hour away and she was going to check out what she could get of my belongings. I told her that my son was going to check with the foreclosure attorney to see if I still had possession of the house. I didn't want her entering the property if the bank had taken it over and get herself in trouble.

Well, 10 days went by before my son called and spoke with the foreclosure office. He said that the house was in possession of the bank.

I feel as though the rug was pulled from under my feet.

So now I am hanging here, not knowing what to do.

Sometimes life just sucks.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your house being foreclosed, Lisa. Your previous tenant, Frank, was pretty irresponsible and unfair to you. I just hope that you found a way around that issue, or at least that you are faring better these days. Just keep your chin up and be optimistic. I wish you all the best!

    Tracy Frazier @ Sunnen Law

  2. Thanks, Tracy. I lost my house and all my belongings. I even had a buyer the foreclosure attorney wouldn't accept. The house sold for less than half of what was offered.
    I hate to think of it.
    Thank you for your kind words.