Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Boehner: administration not helping in IRS probe

Boehner: administration not helping in IRS probe
House Speaker John Boehner says the Obama administration is not helping Congress get to the truth over the IRS' close scrutiny of conservative groups and the agency's recent revelation that it lost emails related to that probe.

# of Conservative groups actually forced to disclose donors & lose tax exempt status in the IRS scandal:  Zero. Still.- John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Republicans are tired of Barack Obama's executive overreach and long for Dick Cheney's modest vision of the presidency.- Adam Serwer tweet

The percentage of Americans who now say the War in Iraq was worth it is now limited to people named "Cheney."- LOLGOP

Putin Gives Up Power? What's He Up To?
President Vladimir Putin asked Russia's upper house on Tuesday to revoke the right it had granted him to order a military intervention in Ukraine in defence of Russian-speakers there, the Kremlin said in a statement.

"Now that we're inviting everybody who got Iraq wrong in the first place to go on TV and talk about what we should do there now, we should also invite O.J. Simpson to talk about the Oscar Pistorius trial." - Bill Maher

Republican Shenanigans

Wonder if Congress' 7% approval rating has anything to do with the GOP endlessly roasting bureaucrats instead of helping the unemployed.- LOLGOP

What Global Warming?
Annual property losses from hurricanes and other coastal storms of $35 billion; a decline in crop yields of 14 percent, costing corn and wheat farmers tens of billions of dollars; heat wave-driven demand for electricity costing utility customers up to $12 billion per year.

Over the weekend Pope Francis implied that the Mafia should be excommunicated. In a related story, the Pope is missing. And nobody saw nothin'.- Conan O'Brien

Chris Christie Meets Pandora's Box
A second bridge investigation linked to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is underway, this one focusing on possible securities law violations involving the Pulaski Skyway bridge, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.

Lately, there's been so many calls for American intervention in Syria, Ukraine, North Africa, now Iraq again, maybe America is the one that needs an intervention. Maybe America needs Dr. Phil to come by and ask us, "How's that nation building working for you?"- Bill Maher

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Get Your Stone Crabs While You Can!
 Researchers working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say warmer, more acidic oceans may reduce the number of stone crab hatchlings as the availability of the popular, pricey delicacy dwindles.

ACORN Can't Be Blamed For This!
A Wisconsin insurance executive and Republican donor was charged with voting illegally more than a dozen times in four elections.

  "Hostile takeovers of banks and oil refineries...when they do it, they're terrorists; when we do it, we're venture capitalists." - Bill Maher

Now that we've recovered all the jobs Bush lost, we get to deal with country he obliterated under false pretenses.- LOLGOP

Venezuela Has Its Crazies Too
A Venezuelan man suspected of having made dozens of threatening phone calls in the aftermath of the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, claiming he was the shooter, appeared in federal court on Monday after being arrested over the weekend, authorities said.

Business/Tech News

2014 is the year we realized that the foreign policy disasters George W. Bush created were even worse than the economy he left us.- LOLGOP

Boehner Bucks Business Community, Bows To Conservatives
House Speaker John Boehner (BAY'nuhr) is backing off his support for renewing the Export-Import Bank in face of conservative opposition. His new stance adds uncertainty to the outcome of the bank, a top priority for the business community.

 Someone from the Russian government must reassure Russian goalkeeper, Igor Akinfeev, who let a critical World Cup ball go right through his hands, that there are no hard feelings. In fact, President Putin wants to buy you a drink. No, really, what's your poison?- Bill Maher



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