Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tea party support hits new lows: Poll

Tea party support hits new lows: Poll
The tea party was an important factor in the 2010 elections, but its support may be waning, according to a new CBS News poll. Today, just 15 percent of Americans say they are supporters of the tea party movement - the lowest since CBS News began asking about the tea party in February 2010.

Congratulations to Mitch McConnell for making a teabagger choke.- John Fugelsang

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Always nice to see Republicans take a break from voting against veterans funding to criticize the VA.- LOLGOP

Obama Has Confidence in Shinseki. For Now.

President Barack Obama on Wednesday vowed to get to the bottom of alleged misconduct at Veterans Affairs agency hospitals, calling the reported activity "dishonorable" and "disgraceful" but expressing confidence that VA Secretary Eric Shinseki will continue working with the administration to solve the problem "at this stage."

How is China spying on Alcoa different from NSA spying on Petrobras?

 The National Security Agency has never said what it was seeking when it invaded the computers of Petrobras, Brazil’s huge national oil company, but angry Brazilians have guesses: the company’s troves of data on Brazil’s offshore oil reserves, or perhaps its plans for allocating licenses for exploration to foreign companies.

Nor has the N.S.A. said what it intended when it got deep into the computer systems of China Telecom, one of the largest providers of mobile phone and Internet services in Chinese cities. 

The U.S. is accusing Chinese military officials of spying. When asked why they did it, the Chinese officials said it's payback for all the times your students cheated off the Asian kid.- Conan O'Brien

FUN FAX™: That Republicans even have to spend money in Kentucky and Georgia is a win for Democrats.- LOLGOP

Republican Shenanigans

Global temperatures in April tied for the hottest on record, as Obama has now got the Earth itself in on his "climate change" hoax. - TeaPartyCat


Rock The Voter News

A man in Phoenix accidentally shot himself in the leg while in line at Walmart on Saturday. Or, as they call that in Arizona, “taking a selfie.”- Seth Myers

‘Incarceration if you’re poor, payment if you’re rich’

An NPR investigation into how judges assess fees and fines to defendants has revealed that many who enter the courtroom essentially end up in “debtor’s prisons.”

Business News

In New Hampshire, a police commissioner who called President Obama a racial slur has resigned. He also publicly apologized to New Hampshire's entire black community, a guy named Steve.- Conan O'Brien

Koch Brothers Trying To End Detroit?

Americans for Prosperity, the conservative advocacy group supported by the Koch brothers, has launched an effort to torpedo a proposed settlement in the Detroit bankruptcy case, potentially complicating chances for completing the deal just as its prospects seemed to be improving.

Atheism is a nonprophet organization.- Steven Wright

New York City is now bidding on the 2024 Olympics. And it was announced earlier today that New York City has been awarded the 2016 Kim Kardashian wedding. - David Letterman



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Aspen trees in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.


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