Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Meghan McCain: No more Sarah Palin

Meghan McCain: No more Sarah Palin
Meghan McCain won’t be tuning into the Sarah Palin Channel any time soon.
“I am not going to subscribe to Sarah Palin’s $9.95 per month,” McCain said on Monday during her Pivot show TakePart Live. “I got all the Sarah Palin I need for one lifetime.”..After browsing the channel’s website, McCain was less than impressed.

Most popular show on Sarah Palin Channel is the telethon where they collect peaches to impeach Obama. -Gen JC Xtian patriot

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

“There’s two wars in the Middle East, planes are falling out of the sky at an alarming rate, and Weird Al Yankovic has the number one record.” – Bill Maher

The Atomic Scientists Opinion Of The Iron Dome
Back in 2012, Israel’s Iron Dome rocket defense system was hailed as a real, working battlefield weapon that could shoot down unguided rockets before they struck Israel. Iron Dome was lauded as a game changer in the Israel-Palestine conflict; at the time, Israel claimed that it shot down 441 Hamas rockets in flight, before they could do serious damage.


Come on, Israel has a right to defend itself. You  slant towards Hamas in your recent posts. They are animals using civilians as shields.
I’m disappointed in you.

Al, I totally agree with most of what you wrote except, I am pro Israel and pro unoccupied Palestine.

What other choice does Israel have, to sit there under the Iron Dome and hope for the best? Of course they must defend themselves. I just feel it is overkill, they're shooting fish in a barrel. The Palestinians have no where to go, they're trapped. Then Hamas uses the overkill to justify their hatred of Israel by using their own people as shields. It has been a six decade circle of violence with different faces and names but the same results.

Imagine a woman from the South in the U.S. being in that Hamas situation, she’d probably say, “Bubba have you lost your ever lovin’ mind, you cannot put that rocket launcher in the barn. Get your sorry ass up and move that thing to the back forty.”

All kidding aside, occupying a country has a lousy historical track record. So does that 3000 year old advice of an eye for an eye.

I think of Northern Ireland in this case. For hundreds of years, the Irish were under the Brit’s thumb, they were their n-word. I watched that bloody conflict since the 1960s and finally saw Bill Clinton address their problem by bringing the hearts and minds of people together, by having them begin respecting one another.

Maybe Aretha Franklin was right all along.

“There’s a 12-hour cease-fire in the Middle East with the war. Otherwise known as 'reloading.' ” – Bill Maher 

“57% of Republicans in the latest poll say they want him impeached. I think they wanted him impeached at the inaugural ball.  I think the high crime he’s guilty of is getting elected.” – Bill Maher

Republican Shenanigans

If the GOP didn't want to be accused of impeaching over nonsense, they shouldn't have impeached the last Democratic president over nonsense. LOLGOP

Conservatives Constipating The Courts
In the latest effort to sidetrack Obamacare, a federal appeals court on Tuesday rejected a challenge by a conservative group that said Congress imposed new taxes unconstitutionally when it created the Affordable Care Act.

Impeachment talk is nonsense, but nonsense from someone Republicans insisted should be a heartbeat from the presidency-- Benjy Sarlin tweet

Rock The Voter News

Impeachment Threat: Cha Ching For Democrats
House Democrats are cashing in on chatter about impeaching President Barack Obama, raising $1 million on Monday alone, their campaign chief said Tuesday.

Child refugees are going to make us all sick!

- the people denying health insurance to 5 million Americans. - LOLGOP

GOP: Govt Shutdown-check...Sequestration....check....No money For Border Crisis....check
Border security will probably suffer if Congress fails to act on President Barack Obama's request for extra money to cope with the explosion of child migrants into the U.S. Southwest, lawmakers and congressional aides warned on Tuesday.

A new survey finds that America’s airlines are the – are the world’s most profitable, and the world’s least comfortable. Why? Because they can. - Bill Maher

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'Send them to Guantanamo': New Fox News poll reveals how conservatives would solve the child refugee crisis- Literally Twitchy tweet

Business/Tech News

Americans need to start recognizing that big business is the new big government. It is the massive, unwieldy bureaucracy that just doesn’t work. Goldman Sachs may have been too big to fail, but the phone company, the credit card company, the mortgage company, the insurance company, they’re all too big to care.- Bill Maher

Destruction Of The Food Chain Continues
 The release of carbon dioxide into the air from power plant smokestacks to the tailpipe on your car could pose a risk to red king crab and other lucrative fisheries in Alaska, a new report says.

MSNBC considering replacing David Gregory with the robot that's hitchhiking across Canada, taking selfies.- LOLGOP


I hope you had a good time today!


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Avenue of the Baobab Trees, Madagascar. Photo by Todd Gustafson


Monday, July 28, 2014

Sarah Palin's Low-Budget TV Channel Is Pricier Than Netflix

Sarah Palin's Low-Budget TV Channel Is Pricier Than Netflix
Sarah Palin is returning to her roots in low-budget television—but this time, she's  on the web, the focus is American politics, and she owns the network. The Sarah Palin Channel launched Sunday, asking prospective viewers for $9.95 per month–96 cents more than Netflix–or $99.95 a year. (No word on whether subscribers get money back if Palin decides to stick with the project for only half of that term.)

SPUN - Sarah Palin's Unbelievable News

The Sarah Palin Channel because CainTV was ahead of its time. - LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Obama to close embassy in Libya. House GOP criticizes move despite it being exactly the opposite of what he did in Benghazi.- Top Conservative Cat

No Exodus For You!
Deadly explosions slammed an urban street and a major hospital in the Gaza Strip on Monday, but Israel swiftly disavowed any responsibility for the blasts, one of which killed at least seven children playing in the street and the other hitting the grounds of Shifa Hospital, the most sophisticated medical facility in Gaza.

In texts and tweets, the Israeli military blamed "Gaza terrorists" for the explosions at Shifa and in a Gaza City refugee camp. Palestinian officials and witnesses said Israeli airstrikes caused the blasts.

"Before the incursion that started yesterday the Israeli's agreed to a five hour cease fire so the Palestinians could get supplies and food - how Jewish is that? 'We're going to attack you, but first you should eat.'" –Bill Maher

Meanwhile, Back In Ukraine
Ukrainian government forces recaptured three towns from pro-Russia separatists and were pressing toward the Malaysia Airlines crash site in eastern Ukraine where the separatists accused of downing the plane have obstructed international disaster investigators, officials said Monday.

The only difference between ComicCon and the Republican National Convention is there are fewer codpieces at ComicCon.- LOLGOP

Texas executed one man with an IQ of 61 while another slept comfortably in the Governor's mansion.- John Fugelsang

Republican Shenanigans

Al Cliven Bundy Back In The News
Republican congressmen blasted the Bureau of Land Management last week for their handling of the April standoff with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy over unpaid grazing fees.

“Whether Bundy was right or wrong, was the BLM’s response reasonable?” said Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA). “Anyone watching that unfolding fiasco can answer it was completely insane.”

When have Republicans ever been dumb enough to impeach a president over nothing then nominate another Bush?- LOLGOP

Impeachment Is On The Table. They're Passing Out The Tacos.
The Republican Party’s first Tea Party-backed House Majority Whip refused to say that his party would not try to impeachment President Barack Obama if he moves not to deport millions of undocumented immigrants.

Rock The Voter News

War On Privacy
 U.S. surveillance programs are making it more difficult for government officials to speak to the press anonymously, two rights groups said on Monday.
Large-scale surveillance, on top of the Obama administration's crackdown on national security leaks, threatens the freedom of the press and the right to legal counsel, Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union said in a joint report.

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"I'm not a feminist!" is the only thing that women would be allowed to say in public if not for feminists.- LOLGOP

Business/Tech News

Conservatives: Why are these diseased refugees trying to get into America when they can get so many tax breaks abroad?- LOLGOP

No Texas Tea? How Bout Some Iraqi Crude?
A tanker carrying crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan was cleared by the U.S. Coast Guard to unload its cargo at sea off Texas on Sunday as a State Department official signaled Washington would not intervene to block delivery of the controversial crude...Trading sources in Texas, New York, London, and Geneva have been unable to identify the buyer.

These huge white flags were placed on top of the Brooklyn Bridge. And late this afternoon, word came from the FBI that the New York Mets have surrendered. - Craig Ferguson

"Now the FCC wants to update the Emergency Alert System so the president can interrupt any TV program. 'We interrupt this program so the president can tell America what he had for lunch: a good bowl of matzo ball soup. This concludes today's presidential lunch update.'" –David Letterman



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Atlantis water slide, Atlantis Resort Paradise Island, Bahamas.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Congressional shrug on emergency border spending could prove costly

Congressional shrug on emergency border spending could prove costly
It’s going to cost the federal government a lot more to address the crisis on the border if Congress fails to act before breaking for recess.

"Instead of us sending troops down to the border, we just do what you do when you run out of candy on Halloween. Let's turn off the lights and pretend America's not home. So the kids move on to the next house – Canada." –Stephen Colbert

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Stop The Violence Already!
Secretary of State John F. Kerry presented his proposal for a Gaza cease-fire to Israel and proxies for Hamas on Friday, seeking to curtail the violence that is now threatening to spread to the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Today, Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Egypt and had to pass through a metal detector before he could meet with officials. Which is ridiculous. Everyone knows he's made of wood.- Seth Myers

US Only UN Vote For No Investigation Of Gaza Violence
The United Nations Human Rights Council voted to establish an inquiry into human rights violations in Gaza and the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories at a special session on Wednesday in which the top human rights official, Navi Pillay, said Israel and Hamas had likely committed war crimes with indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

Twenty-nine of the council’s 47 members voted for a resolution calling for the creation of a commission of inquiry to look at “all violations” of international law, with only the United States voting against and with 17 states abstaining, 10 of them European.

Republican Shenanigans

"Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced plans to send 1,000 National Guard troops to increase security. If you really want to slow down the flow of illegal immigrants, send the TSA." –Seth Meyers

Mississippi Is Still Burning
Four of the five board members of the Madison County Republican Women have resigned, including Robin Mayfield, wife of GOP and tea party leader Mark Mayfield, who committed suicide in June amid the GOP primary photo scandal.

The resignations are apparently over the nasty U.S. Senate primary between incumbent Thad Cochran and state Sen. Chris McDaniel.

Botched executions are no big deal because, even though cruel and unusual punishment is banned, the Constitution doesn't apply to everyone. - Top Conservative Cat

Rock The Voter News

FDA could've recommend approval of that 'Female Viagra' pill but wasn't in the mood & wishes you would stop pressuring- John Fugelsang

"I saw that Hillary Clinton visited the headquarters of Twitter and Facebook yesterday. Hillary would also have visited LinkedIn, but she already knows what job she wants." –Jimmy Fallon

Computer Glitch Stops US Embassies From Issuing Passports. A Glitch?
July 25th, 2014 (VOA) The U.S. State Department says a computer glitch will delay passports and visas being issued from its embassies around the world.

Officials in Washington say the computer glitch discovered on Saturday potentially could leave millions of people waiting for U.S. travel documents.

Ted Cruz has advanced from demagogue to become simply a gogue.- LOLGOP

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"Rupert Murdoch. the guy that owns FOX News. is wanting to buy Time Warner - which owns HBO - in which case you could kiss my ass goodbye. Yes, welcome to 'Real Time with Bill O'Reilly.'" –Bill Maher

Cruel and Unusual Punishment? No Doubt.
Arizona executioners had to administer at least two full doses of a two-drug lethal injection cocktail to a convicted killer before he finally succumbed nearly two hours after his execution began, the state's assistant attorney general said on Thursday.

Attorneys for the 55-year-old double murderer, who they said gasped and struggled for breath for more than 90 minutes during Wednesday's execution, demanded an independent probe into a procedure they said was cloaked in secrecy and then horribly bungled.

Business/Tech News

Listening to all these 'patriots' on AM talk radio has taught me that 'E Pluribus Unim' is Latin for "I got mine, bitch."- John Fugelsang

Oxymoron: Corporate Patriotism 
Staking out a populist stand ahead of the midterm elections, President Barack Obama on Thursday demanded "economic patriotism" from U.S. corporations that use legal means to avoid U.S. taxes through overseas mergers.
"I don't care if it's legal," Obama declared. "It's wrong."

"Marvel Comics announced that the next Captain America will be black. He has the same powers as white Captain America except he has to show ID when he votes." –Bill Maher


Luna is better. She's about 90% back to normal...she has calmed down quite a bit from her usual bouncy self.
I took a picture of her this morning and created a meme...which is true.


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Glass Winged Butterfly.

Beats wishes for a beautiful and peaceful weekend.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What a day!

Thank you for stopping by.
At 7am this morning I noticed my miniature pinscher, Luna, had several bumps on her head. I picked her up for a closer look and saw her face, eyes and jaw swell and watched more bumps form down her neck, in a matter of minutes.
I rushed to my landlady, Angele, and she applied some liquid Benadryl to her head and I put cold compresses on her. Angele also gave her a baby Tylenol.
Another girlfriend picked up some anti-allergen pills at the vets, that covers spider, scorpion, bee and ant bites.
Luna is now much better, 8 hours later, although she is quite exhausted. As I am.
On top of all of this, our 3x a day water rationing has been cut back to 2x a day.
I will have a new edition tomorrow!
BUT, I do have a few things to post that I did before Luna's misadventure.

It is only a matter of time....

In Gaza, at Least 16 Die at U.N. School Used as Civilian Shelter
BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip — A series of explosions at a school run by the United Nations sheltering hundreds of Palestinians who had fled their homes for safety from Israeli military assaults killed at least 16 people on Thursday afternoon and wounded many more. The cause was not immediately clear.

To prevent Hamas from killing innocents with rockets, maybe we should give them the surgical strike technology Israel is using in Gaza. - Gen JC Xtian patriot

My empathy for the suffering in #Gaza does not make me anti-Semitic, nor does it make me pro-Hamas or anti-Israel. It makes me human.- David Harris-Gershon tweet

This Guy Must Be A Descendant From Those Money Changers In The Temple
A Republican congressional candidate responded to a mass shooting by suggesting that Americans had a constitutional right to own as powerful weaponry as they can afford.

“It is my belief that any, any, any, any weapon that our government and law enforcement possesses ought to be allowed for individuals to possess in this country,” said Jody Hice, a religious right activist, talk radio host, and Georgia congressional candidate.

Cold War II -- from the people who brought you Iraq War II.- LOLGOP

Hey, Republicans, Investigate This!
US nuclear plants must better prepare for the risk of natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis and floods, said a report Thursday on lessons learned from Japan’s Fukushima crisis in 2011.

Current approaches to regulating nuclear safety “are clearly inadequate for preventing core-melt accidents and mitigating their consequences,” the report said.

Let he without typo cast the first scone.- LOLGOP

You can tell this drought is getting really bad. Today at lunch, my waiter asked if I wanted a glass of water or a future for my children. I took the water. - Conan O'Brien

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As a hobby, bean farmer Axel Erlandson shaped trees - he pruned, bent, and grafted trees into fantastic shapes and called them "Circus Trees."