Thursday, August 28, 2014

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I spent the morning in Santa Cruz. Sigh, the never ending legal hoops I have to jump through caused by the evil esposo. All good vibes are gladly accepted!

I did take a few good photographs along the way. It is such a beautiful ride to Santa Cruz. It was a bit cloudy but a gorgeous morning, about 75°.

Freshly planted rice fields outside of Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

We stopped along the way to enjoy a small creek which doubles as a road during dry season.

Luna says hi!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Climate change is a hoax

The Obama administration will seek a non-binding international accord – rather than a treaty – at a United Nations climate summit in Paris next year on reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

It's the poorer people in tropical zones who will get really hit by climate change - as well as some ecosystems, which nobody wants to see disappear. - Bill Gates

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Navy Nurse Refuses To Force Feed Gitmo Inmate
A Navy nurse who was the first, and apparently only, member of the medical staff at Guantanamo to refuse to take part in the feeding of hunger striking prisoners has had his assignment cut short at the U.S. base in Cuba, officials said Tuesday.

"I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure."
- Clarence Darrow

Wow. Computer Chips For Vets.
When President Obama on Tuesday highlighted 19 executive actions he says he is taking to improve the mental health of U.S. troops and veterans, one of them centered on a particularly novel effort: The development of new computer chips designed to modulate the nervous system to help with everything from arthritis to post-traumatic stress.

Republican Shenanigans

On a scale of 1 to Begging Mitt Romney to Run, how afraid are GOP donors that they're going to get stuck with Ted Cruz or Rand Paul?- LOLGOP

When All Else Fails, Sue Obama!
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal filed suit on Wednesday against the Obama administration, arguing that it has coerced states into adopting Common Core education standards.

Bill O'Reilly: "I don't believe in White Privilege. It's not real like, say, the War On Christmas."- Top Conservative Cat

Tonight on 'Hannity' - How the S&P just broke 2000 for the first time!  Plus, more on Obama's socialist agenda!- John Fugelsang

Rock The Voter News

If your heroes are Ronald Reagan and Vladimir Putin, you just like bad actors who ride horses.- LOLGOP

I support legalization of all drugs but only because I want to see the advertising.- John Fugelsang

The Dark Side of Hollyweird
Actor and anti-vaccine advocate Rob Schneider contacted California Gov. Jerry Brown’s office (D) claiming to possess documents showing that the Centers for Disease Control has hidden data showing Black children are at a particularly high risk of developing autism from vaccines.

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Canada is one of the very few countries in the world that has NO criminal law restricting abortion at all. - LOLGOP

Hey USA: Companies Leave Costa Rica, Too!
August 27th, 2014 ( Yanber S.A, a Costa Rican producer of plastic bags and packaging, has announced it will relocate to Nicaragua, laying off all 180 of its staff in Costa Rica.

Business/Tech News

PRESIDENT ROMNEY: Though this is the best year for job growth since 1999, it will be improve when we finish banning naughty marriage.- LOLGOP

Oh, Goody, Another Government Shutdown Looming.
Conservatives in the U.S. Congress who object to President Barack Obama's immigration policies are threatening to tie a must-pass budget bill to the issue, making for a possible showdown in September and raising the specter of a government shutdown.

You never hear about white-on-white crime or -- as I like to call it -- "swing dancing."- LOLGOP



Odd News

Time To Deflate Photo

Tayrona National Park, Santa Marta, Colombia.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ten weeks out from Election Day, is a Republican wave coming?

Ten weeks out from Election Day, is a Republican wave coming?
 In politics, summer is usually a slow time. But with now 10 weeks to go until Election Day, what’s happened while most were at the beach is Democrats increasingly seeing a creeping red tide. 

White Privilege is actually my favorite show on the Fox Business Channel.- LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Politicians tell me that the Julian Assange leaks on Afghanistan could harm US soldiers.  As opposed to the actual war.- John Fugelsang

Uh Oh. More Executive Orders. Unleash The GOP Critics.
President Barack Obama, weeks after signing legislation to fix delays in veterans' healthcare, will unveil a series of executive actions on Tuesday aimed at improving access to mental health treatment for former service members.

The Permafrost is melting. Never in the history of civilization has the Permafrost ever ever melted. Hence, its name.- Will Durst

Meanwhile, Mother Earth Continues To Crack Open
It's the latest in a string of mystery holes that have opened up around the world this summer.

The new head scratcher surrounds a half-mile-long wedge which formed around Aug. 15 in northwest Mexico, according to Mysterious Universe. Even the locals are confused and a little worried.

Ted Cruz said Barack Obama should spend less time at the golf course. He said this at the Iowa State Fair. Stick a corn dog in his pie hole.- Will Durst

Republican Shenanigans

I don't have an opinion about whether or not Rick Perry should be prosecuted. I'll leave that to the Republicans who are prosecuting him.- LOLGOP

Giopi, ( pronunciation: Gee-O-Pee )The Flag Waving Elephant That Hates Taxes
August recess seems to have infiltrated the National Republican Senatorial Committee, because the committee just released a 2014 midterm election-themed video game.  It stars an elephant named Giopi. The game is called "Mission Majority."

No one has to protest for Officer Darren Wilson to get the benefit of the doubt from the law. Michael Brown will never be presumed innocent.- LOLGOP

Rock The Voter News

Meanwhile, Fukishima Aware Inspector Wants To Shut Down California Nuclear Power Plant
 A federal nuclear inspector urged U.S. regulators to shut down a California nuclear power plant until tests showed its reactors could withstand shocks from nearby earthquake faults, according to the Associated Press and an environmental group.

Corporations are stateless, global entities that owe no allegiance to any country and should be able to buy our elections.- LOLGOP

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After the CIA admitted spying on them, the Senate was outraged. Us: not so much. Pretty sure it should be the other way around.- Will Durst

I avoid taxes, buy elections and want to pick women's birth control coverage. 
Am I technically a registered Republican or a corporation? - LOLGOP

Business/Tech News

As you panic looking for a job, & your employment benefits were cut off, take comfort knowing congress cleared 350K to sue the president.- Lizz Winstead

Getting Our Pockets Picked Openly
Two top Republican lawmakers profited from a corporate tax-avoidance maneuver that the U.S. Treasury Department is seeking to curb.

While U.S. House Speaker John Boehner and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp have resisted calls for a crackdown on companies adopting overseas addresses to pay lower taxes, both have made money off one of the deals. 



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Time To Deflate Photo

Underwater Roller Coaster in Yokohama, Japan.


Monday, August 25, 2014

ISIS Intent on Hitting West, 'External Operations' Under Way

ISIS Intent on Hitting West, 'External Operations' Under Way, McCaul Believes
House Homeland Security Chair Rep. Michael McCaul said today he believes that ISIS, the jihadist army that has taken control of large part of Iraq and brutally murdered American journalist James Foley, has external operations under way to hit the West.

Those proposing American ground troops in Iraq must say what the GOP didn't say in 2003: 
They will need to be there for generations.- LOLGOP

The World Is A Safer Place Without Saddam

Finally protesters are standing up for the right of a police officer to kill an unarmed man, get a $300,000 reward and not be questioned. - LOLGOP

Soldier Shoots Herself On Base
 A female soldier shot and wounded herself at Fort Lee, Virginia, on Monday, sparking a lockdown of the U.S. Army installation, the base said on its Facebook page.

Obama Would've Been Immediately Impeached If He Did This:

It's important to remember that #Ferguson officer is innocent until proven guilty; as opposed to, say, the unarmed guy he shot 6 times.- John Fugelsang

I Watched This, So You Don't Have To: See Toon Below
Trend chasing community access TV hostess Sarah Palin heard about this here ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which is raising money for some disease or something or whatever –she doesn’t care– and so she decided to use it to fill time on her rogue TV network with her being all cutesy and ‘g’-droppin’ again.

Yes, this should be awful and it is.

BREAKING: The Republicans who wanted ground troops in Iraq in 2003, 2007 and 2010 want them there in 2014.- LOLGOP

Republican Shenanigans

"Texas Governor Rick Perry has been charged with two felonies. Yesterday, after he got his mug shot, he went out for ice cream – or, as Mayor Rob Ford calls it, multi-tasking." –Jimmy Fallon

When Will Police Brutality Stop In L.A.? Or Anywhere?
Police officers in Los Angeles ignored pleas for help and complaints by a man who said he couldn’t breathe and later died in custody, reports show.
Two reports released in the past week indicate that officers didn’t take Jorge Azucena seriously and one sergeant told him: “You can talk, so you can breathe,” the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

Weird. Your "religious freedom" is only violated when women get the same freedom as men or LGBT get people the same rights as human beings.- LOLGOP

Obama Statue Returned
Police have returned a life-size statue of President Barack Obama that went missing from its owner's northeastern Pennsylvania porch and was found a few days later reclining on a ...

Rock The Voter News

Welcome to Walmart!
Police authorities in Greenville, South Carolina are reviewing video of an arrest at a Walmart store Saturday afternoon where an officer can be seen repeatedly punching a suspect in the head as horrified shoppers begged him to stop.

Meanwhile, The Atlantic Coast Is Bubbling Methane
In an unexpected discovery, hundreds of gas plumes bubbling up from the seafloor were spotted during a sweeping survey of the U.S. Atlantic Coast.

Even though ocean explorers have yet to test the gas, the bubbles are almost certainly methane, researchers report today (Aug. 24) in the journal Nature Geoscience.

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Business/Tech News

Disney's stock just reached a new high this week of $90.37 a share. That's when you know tickets to Disney World are too expensive — when it's actually cheaper to own part of the company.- Jimmy Fallon

Pipeline Activists
Demanding a halt to pipeline corporation Enbridge's continued expansion of Line 6B—which ruptured in 2010, spilling over one million gallons of tar sands oil and diluting chemicals into a tributary of the Kalamazoo River—two activists Monday morning locked themselves to a pipeline construction truck leaving Precision Pipeline storage yard in Oxford, Michigan. The action caused a back-up of trucks leaving the facility.



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Time To Deflate Photo

Architecture for resistance design by Dionisio González. He designs homes for hurricane prone areas.