Thursday, March 18, 2021

'You bum, why did you hit me?' 75-year-old Asian woman beats attacker with stick in San Francisco

'You bum, why did you hit me?' 75-year-old Asian woman beats attacker with stick in San Francisco
An elderly Asian American woman attacked and punched by a man on a San Francisco street fought back, leaving him battered, bloodied and hospitalized.

So is McConnell pretending he’s not married to an Asian American woman?
His silence is telling. - WomanInTheMoon tweet


So, what do murderous racists do on a good day? - Middle Age Riot


Russia, Russia, Russia
A German company newly sanctioned by the Biden administration for its ties to the poisoning of a Russian political activist has been linked to the infamous 2016 meeting at Trump Tower.
The Biden administration sanctioned Riol-Chemie for its "activities in support of Russia's weapons of mass destruction programs," but financial records reviewed by The Daily Beast show the poisoning of Alexei Navalny is tied to the money laundering network that Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskya was trying to cover up when she met with Donald Trump Jr. and other campaign officials before the 2016 election.

Joe Biden should write an apology to Putin for calling him a killer and then push it out of a fourth story building window. - Jeremy Newberger


“I’m not a racist. It’s just my sex addiction or my diabetes.” - Rex Chapman

Republicans Baffled By Popularity of Bill That Aids Poor People. - Andy Borowitz 

The leading cause of people not trusting experts is people like Rand Paul calling themselves experts. - JRehling

Dumbass Gets Caught Outside VP's Residence With Weapons. Good Work, Secret Service!

Remember when Mitch McConnell said that no president can nominate a Supreme Court Justice during an election but went ahead and did it anyway as soon as Republicans were in power?
That’s EXACTLY what he’ll do with the filibuster. - Mikel Jollett



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Rock The Voter News

The Republican Party platform has been reduced to “be an asshole about everything.” - Middle Age Riot


FBI Releases New Footage of Insurrection.
The FBI released new footage Thursday of supporters of then-President Donald Trump attacking law enforcement personnel at a riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, including violent scenes of one man trying to rip a gas mask off an officer and another who appears to punch one in the face

Why is ending racism, misogyny, and white supremacy a debate? - Andrea Junker



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Florida’s chief exports: Oranges and coronavirus. Lots of tourists take home plenty of both when their vacations are over. - Stephen King

Business/Tech News

Send Us Your Stimulus Checks For A Chance To Win $1,000. - The Onion

Uh Oh.



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Time To Deflate Photo
Ancient Egyptians loved their cats. A mummified cat housed at The British Museum.


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